T.G.I.M. # 119

When good caddies strike back!

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Tiger woods has gone through a firestorm of issues since that fateful night his world collapsed when his wife found out about his numerous infidelities. He lost his marriage, his standing as the number 1 golfer in the world, his respect and numerous endorsements. Basically, he's made as hard a fall as an athlete can make that doesn't involve killing someone.

So, as any world class athlete would do, Tiger's tried everything to get back on top. He's rode the PR train hard, saying and doing all the right things. He cut out people in his life that are a negative influence, people such as Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan. He's even changed swing coaches to try to regain his form again. The final change was getting rid of his longtime caddie, Steve Williams, who stuck by him through every trial of the last two years.

It seems that Williams is still a little bitter about this as instead of doing the caddie fade after his new golfer, Adam Scott, won the Bridgestone tourney this weekend, he was given a stage to voice his displeasure…and voice it he did in a biting comment about how this was the greatest win he's ever had.

"It's been the most fun thing,'' he said. "It's the greatest week of my life caddying, and I sincerely mean that.''

An innocent sounding comment for sure but when you factor in that Williams caddied for Woods through damn near every victory he's had in his illustrious career, including all the majors, then you see  how bitter he really is by calling this win his greatest.

And Williams didn't stop there as in a later interview, he disagreed with Tiger's earlier week statement that he fired Williams face to face, instead saying that it happened over the phone.

"That is incorrect," Williams said shortly after Scott's four-stroke victory. "I was told on the phone that we needed to take a break. At the AT&T, the details of the firing were discussed."

Williams went on to say that the reason he was fired was because he asked permission to caddie for Scott at the US Open. Woods was going to miss the event due to knee and Achilles injuries that kept him from playing tournament golf for three months.

"He didn't agree with it and thought it was time to take a break," Williams said. "I was told on the phone that we needed to take a break. And in caddie lingo, that means you're fired. Simple as that."

Tiger, of course, is disagreeing with this statement. Woods' agent, Mark Steinberg, disputed Williams' version of the story, saying that it took place face to face.

"Tiger flew from Florida to Philly to visit AT&T National and also for the express purpose of PERSONALLY and officially telling Steve that they would no longer be working together," Steinberg said in the email. "Tiger felt strongly about meeting face to face. Any assertions to the contrary are simply false."

Whatever the truth may be about this, it's a shame that on the Monday after Adam Scott's win, the majority of the golf world is talking about his caddie.