Caution! 7 Hacked Road Signs Ahead

No one will ever hack this-- FART TORNADO WARNING.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Where there are signs, there’s graffiti. Whether it’s drawing a Hitler mustache on a penis near the mouth of a model on a billboard, public sign defacement is an American tradition. Electronic signs are hacked too, and because a hacked electronic sign visually looks legit – even when someone’s tampered with it – I’d argue the results are often more hilarious than their spray-painted counterparts. Observe:


Hide Your Brains

The zombies are coming! Quick: plant some seeds, protect our lawns. [Z&T]


Stupid Traffic Jam

You’re not helping, sign. [JAL]


Panda Problem

Aww, that’d be the cutest rampage ever. [TDW]


Damn Hackers

I wish they had put a laughing skull-and-crossbones on the sign instead. [NTN]


Party On The Freeway

“But officer, a sign told me to do it!” [BT]


American History Being Made Today

Someone text Paul Revere. Tell him to tweet about this. [JAL]


A Familiar Toad’s Cry

You mean I have to drive through Bowser’s castle again? [SL]

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