WEEDS 7.10 ‘System Overhead’

Andy attempts to nail Emma and Nancy seeks help from an unlikely source.

Hilary Rothingby Hilary Rothing

Episode Title: 'System Overhead'

Writer: Brendan Kelly

Director: Scott Ellis

In 'System Overhead,' the Botwin clan's new school vs. old school approach to problem solving in a criminal enterprise became clear. One arm of the family, Silas (Hunter Parrish), attempted to work with the competition while Nancy (Mary-Louise Parker) used her womanly charms to put a police "hit," if you will, on Pouncey House. Both parties are now in for a massive buzzkill.

Meanwhile, Doug's (Kevin Nealon) SEC woes haven't gone away and Andy's (Justin Kirk) still smarting from the shake-up at his bike shop. Neither subplot is particularly interesting, through Justin Kirk's comedic moments bested Kevin Nealon's, for what that's worth.

The showdown between Nancy and Emma (Michelle Trachtenberg) is what had me looking forward to this week's episode but ultimately left me wanting. Nancy's tangled with a number of worthy male adversaries, (most of whom she ended up bedding). There's no sleeping her way out this one, but I was hoping we'd at least see a little more smack talking between Mary-Louise Parker and Michele Trachtenberg. 

As for Shane (Alexander Gould), he gets my vote for "Botwin family member most in need of a hug," this week. He's clearly a product of his environment, yet every time he attempts to do right by Nancy, albeit in his own morally bankrupt way, he gets a scolding from mom. There's little comedy to be found in his scenes. In fact, New York has been kind of a sad run for Shane, who like Doug, seems only to remain in the fold as a utility character for the writers.

In the meantime, Nancy's reactive approach to handling her conflict with Emma brought out the spiteful b*tch inside instead of the level-headed business woman she's capable of being, (particularly when dealing with people crazier than she is like Zoya, Heylia and Celia). Now that's she shot herself in the foot by sicing Shane's cop buddy on Pouncey House, perhaps Nancy will finally trust in Silas and his touchier, feelier approach to drug dealing. 

But probably not.

Crave Online Rating: 7 out of 10.