Shira Lazar talks about “What’s Trending”

Want to know what's trending? Shira Lazar. And her show "What's Trending."

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Shira Lazar

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Shira Lazar is the gorgeous host of "What's Trending," a broadcast quality live-stream online show that is distributed by CBS and sponsored by AT&T. To date, the show has featured some big celeb names including Kevin Smith, Drew Carey, Greg Grunberg, Chris Hardwick,, and rapper Game. In addition to spearheading "What's Trending," Lazar is also the digital media trailblazer who has been the face of the biggest live-streams on the web including the Oscars and the Grammys, and she was recently named one of the most influential women in technology by Fast Company.


Lazar opened up to CraveOnline about her show, her favourite daily websites, and her upcoming stint hosting Fashion's Night Out from NYC.


CraveOnline: Tell us about "What's Trending."

Shira Lazar: It's a talk show for the digital age. Today you can go everywhere online, from Google to twitter to YouTube, and you can see what people are searching out.

Also there's a gap between shows on TV and what we look at as web shows, so we wanted to create a broadcast quality show with the interactivity of the web for the internet community and for people who are internet-savvy. More and more it's not just the geeks but it's a part of people's every day lives.

We have a daily blog where we have content throughout the day in terms of what's trending online and then we give info on what you need to know to be in the now. If you were at a party with friends you would know the new water-cooler conversations.


CraveOnline: What types of topics do you cover on the show?

Shira Lazar: A myriad of subjects – one day we could be covering the revolution in Syria and the next day we could be talking about an awards show and how you can predict the winners using social media. It's a lot of fun. It proves that we're all balanced as people – we want to hear a bit about everything. You don't need to know just about hard news or just about pop entertainment news.


CraveOnline: What are your favourite top five websites that you visit daily?

Shira Lazar: Mashable, techland, techcrunch, gizmodo, and mediagazer is a great one.


CraveOnline: What do you think the internet is lacking?

Shira Lazar: We're all still trying to figure out where video comes into play on the net. We're seeing people who are creating huge careers on YouTube and they're figuring out how to engage and build audiences. And I still think that websites and places where journalists are writing are still not figuring out how to tap into video. Some audiences are watching TV while some are online – we want to bridge that gap.


CraveOnline: You've met quite a few celebs – who has been your favourite and why?

Shira Lazar: On our show we've had everyone from Mark Cuban to, which were two highlights on the show. 

And then there's Oprah. When I was hosting the Oscars live stream I had seats in the second row behind Natalie Portman – it was very surreal. I was walking out with my producer and I saw that Oprah had just gotten off stage, so I turned around and said, "I'm the host of the Oscars live stream, and I just want to say you bring amazing energy to the world so thank you for that," or something really cheesy like that. She held my hand with her two hands and looked into eyes and said, "Well thank you." And then I screamed "I'll see you on OWN!" and that was the embarrassing part – my prouder always jokes around that "I'll see you OWN." She's a beautiful person.


CraveOnline: Any other projects in the pipeline?

Shira Lazar: I'll be hosting Fashion's Night Out with Macy's in New York on Thursday, where there are going to be a ton of celebs like Kelly Rowland and Joss Stone. It's a big fashion event in NYC every year where stores celebrate across the country.


CraveOnline: Who are you role models?

Shira Lazar: Obviously Oprah (laughs). I guess for me I'm inspired by people who are entrepreneurs, like Ryan Seacrest and Arianna Huffington – I look up to what she's done as a female entrepreneur. And Richard Branson created a culture of fun within the business so that audience and consumers can feel when they're a part of it. Also Tony Hsieh of Zappos. I look up to a mixture of people.


CraveOnline: You're originally from Montreal – what do you miss most about it?

Shira Lazar: Besides my family and friends? The shopping there is amazing, and the supperclubs – restos that turn into dance parties. We don't have that here in the US. I also miss the overall joie de vivre there.


CraveOnline: Do you come back and visit?

Shira Lazar: I try to – my whole family is still there. My dad also owns a bagel store in Montreal. But I'm so busy that it's hard to get back.


Find out more about "What's Trending" at the website ( by watching the show live every Tuesday (1pm EST/10am PST), and have your say via Facebook and Twitter ( and @whatstrending).