The Big List: Celebrity Nudes! Celebrity Pranks! Ghostbusters!

Has Mila Kunis gone the way of Scarlett Johansson... the naked way?

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Time to become a celebrity, take naked pictures of yourself for some reason, have your phone hacked, watch in horror as those naked pictures you took leak onto the internet, be all anyone’s talking online, sue the universe and check out these links!


American Apparel’s Fat Girl Contest Somehow Inspires Satire

American Apparel is clearly upset that the winner of their online, plus-sized model competition, Nancy Upton, was making fun of them. I know what will cheer American Apparel up: Polaroids of mostly naked anorexic girls.


Ghostbusters Returns To Theaters In October,61764/

The original makes me feel good. The idea of a Bill Murray-less sequel? Not so much.


Jonah Hill Claims Brad Pitt Is “The Bobby Fischer of Pranks”

Lesson learned: keep your golf cart away from Brad Pitt. [Image via]


Nic Cage and the Legend of the Naked Home Invader Eating a Fudgesicle

Strange things happen in the life of Nic Cage? I don’t believe it.


Mila Kunis Nude Photos Leaked?!

Her phone’s been hacked. This is happening only a day after the Scarlett Johansson photos? Is such a thing possible?? [Image via]


That’s all for this edition of The Big List. Join us next week, when more links are compiled for the benefit of all internetkind.


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