The State of Honda

The Japanese car maker has had its share of challenges.

Eli Blueby Eli Blue

Honda has been hit by a ton of bricks, with revenues falling close to 30% in the first quarter due to the unexpected tsunami in Japan that impacted its production centers. Press has fallen slightly with Consumer Reports' scathing review of the 2012 Honda Civic and a series of recalls due to poor functioning airbags and transmission problems.

Here is this week's State of Honda report.


2012 Honda Insight – Insight is looking to make waves with increased fuel economy. Premiering at the Frankfurt Auto Show, its redesign looks sleeker with blue tint headlights, a new grille, and a plusher interior including new fabrics and increased back room. Kudos to the Insight for its 40/43 mpg. Hit up the Los Angeles auto show in November to catch the US version of the Insight.


Pilot recalls – Honda has announced a recall of 311,000 Pilots from the 2009-2011-model year citing poor stitching on the seat belt's lap section leading to a separation. Chalk it up to a poor stitching factory in Mexico that has been confirmed as the source of the problem. If you own a 09 or 11 Pilot, take it to your nearest Honda dealer for inspection or call 1.800.999.1009 for more information.


EV Concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show – The funky EV Concept debuted at the Frankfurt Auto Show to critical acclaim with its 100 mile range, three driving modes (normal, economy, and sport) and speeds clocking 90 mph. Charge is on the up with a six hour charge on a standard 240 volt outlet.