‘Mister Ed’ Gets a Movie For Some Reason

We expect this remake of an old black and white sitcom about a talking equine to be a horse of a different color.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

Here's a reasonable question: has anyone under the age of 25 even watched Mister Ed, the classic sitcom that ran on CBS from 1961 to 1966? The series, about an average joe who just happens to own a talking horse (like you do), was immensely popular and became a cultural phenomenon thanks largely to its catchy theme song, which proudly declared that a horse is, in fact, a horse, of course. But despite reruns still airing on cable stations like This TV, we kind of doubt that the target audience for a movie version ever really watched it. The announcement that Fox 2000 is actually ponying up the dough for a Mister Ed movie gives us a long face, and that's why.

The film, which has no talent attached as yet, will be produced by David Friendly and Jim Mahoney. Friendly produced the Oscar-winning comedy Little Miss Sunshine (Yay!) as well as the movie remakes of The Honeymooners and Dr. Dolittle (Naaaaaaay…!). Needless to say, the latter two movies don't bode well for the potential quality of a Mister Ed movie, but be honest: does the fact that they're even making a Mister Ed movie bode well for a Mister Ed movie?

Mister Ed, of course, is missing the TV remake boom by a wide margin. The 1990's, you'll recall, brought you feature film adaptations of The Addams Family, The Brady Bunch and The Beverly Hillbillies, to name a few. Two of those, miraculously, were actually quite good. Mister Ed on the other hand? Let's just say we imagine Ed's owner, Wilbur, will eventually be played by a Saturday Night Live alum of dubious standing. Whatever happened to Chris Kattan, anyway? This seems right up his alley, the poor guy…

CraveOnline will be back with more Mister Ed news once we go right to the source.