The Funniest 1% of the 99%

The super rich may own most of the wealth, but they still don’t own these funny photos. (I assume.)

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

The “We Are The 99%” meme has occupied the internet. However, there are some protesting the seriousness of this meme. They may not have a park in NYC, but they have pads of paper, props, Photoshop skills and very serious expressions. These are the faces of the funniest 1%:


What a Cool Rich Guy.

Any ladies wanna occupy his bed… for an evening… for sex purposes? [@asterios]


Didn’t You Used To Be Famous?

“So, you aren’t Lance Bass? Oh, never mind.” [worst tumblr]


Those Protestors Are Monsters!

Also, the plants take up over 90% of the yard they’re invading. [buzzfeed]


Please Occupy My Cereal

…then join me for celebratory cookies. [slacktory]


Yet Another City Gets Occupied



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