Exclusive ‘Strike Back’ Episode 10 Preview

Col. Grant confronts Latif in a scene from tonight's season finale.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

In the penultimate episode of "Strike Back," Michael Stonebridge (Philip Winchester) and Damien Scott (Sullivan Stapleton) went on a mission to Chechnya to find the dangerous terrorist Latif (Jimi Mistry) alongside Georgian special forces. However, an explosive trap soon left Scott and Stonebridge on their own against nearly impossible odds. Barely escaping with their lives, Scott and Stonebridge soon learned that Latif's endgame involved using VX gas on civilians at a World Summit in Budapest.

While Latif began covering his tracks after putting his plan into motion, Scott and Stonebridge finally caught up to him and escorted him back to Section 20's makeshift headquarters, much to the astonishment of Col. Grant (Amanda Mealing).

In our exclusive preview scene from the season finale of "Strike Back," Grant comes face-to-face with Latif for the first time since the second episode of the season as she tries to learn more about his ultimate plan.



In the second clip of the week, Section 20 identifies one of Latif's suicide bombers, but is it too late to stop Project Dawn?



And finally, Cinemax has released a brief synopsis of the season finale with one last trailer.

"Section 20 tracks Latif’s suicide bombers to Budapest, where their target could be international leaders at a security summit, or even themselves. Latif’s multi-faceted plan has Scott and Stonebridge rushing to neutralize the bombers, save one of their own and prevent the rest of his diabolical scheme."



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