PSYCH 6.02 ‘Last Night Gus’

Shawn's "psychic powers" are put to the test when the boys suffer a nasty hangover.

Hilary Rothingby Hilary Rothing

Episode Title: 'Last Night Gus'

Writer: Andy Berman

Director: Andy Berman


Shawn, Gus, Lassie and Woody wake up in the Psych office after a wild night out at an SBPD officer's retirement party. Lassie (Timothy Omundson) has a black eye and what's more disturbing, three bullets were discharged from his service gun. Outside, the boys find "The Blueberry" wrecked.

After getting a call from Chief Vick, they head to Woody's lab for a briefing on a John Doe. Shawn (James Roday) recognizes the man from a cell phone video shot the night before.

Jules (Maggie Lawson) takes Shawn aside to ask him about the call he made to her that night, but unable to remember what he said, he tells her they'll talk about it later.

Based on urine samples, Woody (Kurt Fuller) determines they were all drugged. The John Doe, however, wasn't. While questioning the bartender where the party took place, Gus (Dule HIll) is approached by a woman he apparently picked up the night before. She takes his number and promises to be in touch. Shawn then realizes the boys went to a donut shop after the bar. At the shop, a burly man with a shotgun accuses them of killing "Bobo." After watching the surveillance video, it's revealed that "Bobo" is the giant donut statue outside the shop. The boys knocked it down in "The Blueberry" and Lassie shot it.

The boys learn that the John Doe was a private detective working on behalf of a married man, whose dead body also just turned up on Woody's table. Meanwhile, Jules continues to press Shawn about their conversation, telling him that he asked her to move in.   

Shawn gets a call from Henry (Corbin Bernsen), who has just awoken in a motel room with no knowledge of how he got there. Suspecting the wife of the dead man as the killer of both her husband and the P.I., the boys head to the motel. Inside her room, Shawn spots an open gas valve and everyone quickly jumps over the railing and into the pool, just before the explosion.
Back at SBPD, Shawn recognizes the mugshot of a wanted fugitive as one of the men in a photo from the P.I's phone. They also learn that the woman who Gus hooked up with is the man's adopted daughter. Lassie figures the fugitive is using his daughter to get the phone – and the photos back before the police can get a look at them. They race to Gus' apartment, where he's entertaining the woman.

At his place, a drugged Gus laughs as a shootout ensues between the fugitive, Lassie and Jules. Gus then knocks the man out with a bowl of taffy.

At the donut shop, Lassie thanks Shawn for helping him piece together the night and Shawn and Jules agree to wait a bit longer before moving in together.


"Psych" has earned a reputation for pulling off some great tribute episodes and "Last Night Gus" certainly did a fine job of raising a glass to the "The Hangover" flicks. 

As a procedural, trying to follow a "Psych" case sometimes feels like a dizzying amusement park ride. Everything's fast and blurry but it's a lot of fun. "Last Night Gus" sent the team on a number of false leads for comedy's sake. But "Psych" is nothing if not funny. And "Last Night Gus" was very, very funny.

Written and directed by Andy Berman, who you may know better as "Chuck Coleman" from "The Wonder Years," season six's second hour was full of great one liners, comical misunderstandings and sight gags. That is once it got past the lame "did we or didn't we" dance between a spooning Lassie and Woody. 

A couple of moments stood out, this week. In particular, Lassie insisting on wearing sunglasses during Woody's briefing on the John Doe, Chief Vick calling out Gus on "captivating the honeys" and Lassie shooting "Bobo the Donut" were all good times. 

Ed Lover's cameo, though appreciated, seemed a bit random. "Psych" is great at nabbing quirky guest stars but they need to be given more to do than crash Vick's briefing to retrieve a gold chain. Thankfully, this season's got a ton of great guest stars on tap. Hopefully, they'll be put to better use.

Crave Online Rating: 8 out of 10.