Beavis and Butt-Head Do 8 Music Videos

Click the link. Come to Butthead.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Beavis and Butt-Head have triumphantly returned to MTV! Television’s collective bunghole finally has its TP. However, I’m not as excited about them watching reality TV. I know, the times, they are a-whatever, but if I want to watch someone making fun of reality television, there are already 18 shows on basic cable I refuse to watch. It got me nostalgic for their classic format of music videos only…


“Wicked Game” – Chris Isaak

Full rendition of Butt-Head singing this song, please.


“Safety Dance” – Men Without Hats

He can dance… it’s just a lame-ass ‘dance of safety.’


“Baby Don’t Forget My Number” – Milli Vanilli

Let’s remember his number, but forget he ever existed.


“For Whom The Bell Tolls” – Metallica

James Hetfield is a sore subject in the Butt-Lair.


“Crucify” – Tori Amos

Guaranteed “heh hehs.”


“Jingle Bell Rock” – Hall & Oats

John Oats wants you to touch his jingling balls.


“I Alone” – Live

Beavis is not alone. This buttmunch is coming on to all of us.


“Scatman” – Scatman John

Heh heh… he said “scat.”


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