7 Human Centipedes For Kids

It’s what children everywhere have been ass-king for!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Editors Note: This is what you think it is. So… if that puts you off… stop reading… but hey… you clicked on this already so you're kinda commited… here we GO! 

Hey kids! Everyone’s favorite expert at separating conjoined twins, Dr. Heiter, has got a couple of badass Christmas presents for you. Wanna see them now? Yeah, December is way too long to wait. Here you go! I’ll assume your screaming and crying is purely joy-based:


Who’s That Pokemon?

I’d hate to see what it evolves into. [via]


Snap, Crackle, Pop

Those three will be together forever. [via]


He-Man and Friends

By the Power of Gross-skull! [via]


Sock Monkeys

A natural fit, given all the sewing involved. [via]


Bunnies in the Stars

Like the constellations, you need to use a little bit of imagination to see it. [via]


Super Human Centipede

And to make matters worse, they’re force feeding Wolverine kryptonite. [via]


Dora The Explorer

Do you see the unorthodox surgery? [via]


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