I’m Going Green

And I'll show you why...

Kyle Krinerby Kyle Kriner

We've heard about ebony and ivory.  And you know what?  Why can't they be side by side?  If fiction has taught us anything, it's that people of all colors can work together in harmony.  Ok, I'm done with the boring preachy stuff…Let's meet some cool green guys!

Mike Wazowski

If you're looking for a guy who's gonna do whatever he can to bring in not only the numbers, but the laughs as well, Mike is your man.  He's what every female monster dreams of.  He's successful, goal-oriented, and has a great head on his sh….er…legs.  It's questionable how Mike would procreate, but I'm sure that's a detail that can be sorted out on the honeymoon.  Mike is literally Billy Crystal with one less eye, and a more lucrative career.  I'd love to work along side him.
Epic, his greenness is.  The mightiest, he is, wisest, most pointy-eared jedi alien thing ever.  Follow you into battle, he will, or to make you reconsider it do his best.  The latter would probably make me fall on my lite saber want to, but the idea, you get.  Herh herh herh. 
The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
C'mon, who can't relate to these guys??  Or at least one of them?  Everyone's got the know it all friend.  Or the douchey obnoxious friend, the party animal, or the one who thinks he's all high and mighty.  On top of that, they spend their days owning bad guys, surfing in the sewers (gross), and eating pizza.  They're like big green frat boys who fight crime.  And screw the Mystery Machine, have you seen the Turtle's ride?  Far superior.  If you don't wanna kick it with them, you're lamer than anchovies.
The Incredible Hulk
Ahhh the jolly Green Goliath.  Who could resist the most loveable misunderstood behemoth in pop culture?  Sans the 2003 film of course.  I always loved the duality between Hulk and Banner.  Not only have I always found it interesting, but I always wondered how much it would really take to set him off.  "Bruce, take out the trash!" would possibly be a death sentence.  I'd hate to be around him when he stubs his toe or something like that.  I know I've Hulk-smashed things in my room for smaller reasons.  Either way, if this guy's on my side, who cares?  Sure, we'd probably have to hang out in caves and run from tanks and choppers, but friends do for friends, right?
The Geico Gecko
You didn't think I'd leave him out did ya?  The cutest, most likeable (only likeable actually) auto insurance salesman.  Sure, Flo came along soon after, but I'd rather go the less abrasive route if they're both going to interrupt my TV shows.  The Gecko can literally sell anyone car insurance.  As if that wasn't a good enough trait, he also seems to have some sort of magical powers, as he can make a wallet appear out of thin air.  Seems like a win win, no matter what the situation.