NBA, You Are Freaking Killing Me

With November here and no NBA, my rage is building.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Look, I don't ask for much out of life, in fact I'm a pretty simple guy. I want food on my table, a roof over my head, my family by my side, and my sports to be on when they are supposed to be. For the most part, I have that, with a few exceptions of Little People (the toys) cluttering up my table (gotta love 3 year olds) but oddly enough, right now the major sticking point to my contentedness is the one aspect that had been a rock solid staple, my sports on TV.

The sport I'm referring to, in particular, is my NBA basketball.

With this damn lockout going on, I find myself lost throughout the week as to what to do. It's freaking November and my nights are being spent watching boring sitcoms or reruns of old games instead of eagerly looking at the scoreboard to see if the Miami Heat are losing. What the Hell!

This is a travesty of nature and may eventually reach a problem of biblical proportions if it's not settled soon, trust me on that.

The sad part about this, other than the fact that there will be no games in November and these greedy oinkers are threatening my Christmas games as well, is that if both sides would use a tiny molecule of common sense, a deal would have been reached months ago. It's not rocket science here people, it's just basically slicing up a pie. And dammit, it doesn't really matter which side gets the bigger piece as long as both are about the same size!

Pride can be a wonderful thing, until it isn't, and we have went far beyond that point with these bargaining sessions. Both sides need to swallow a little of their greatly engorged sense of self and realize that while squabbling over percentages, they are losing millions, and more importantly, the support of the regular fans who allow them to make the kind of money they do.

OK, I get that it may be a tad more complicated than I'm expressing here but is it really that much more complicated. No, I don't believe it is, and neither does the fans who might not come back for a decade or so if this goes much farther.

No, the NBA and it's players need to get it through their thick skulls that they are potentially killing themselves with this western standoff they have going on over about 2 percentage points. They need to sit their rich asses down, hammer out a deal, and freaking get me my games back already!

If they don't, and soon, I may end up shipping off my family to Siberia and burning down this roof over my head because if you though road rage was bad enough, you haven't seen me after about an hour of Friends reruns.