Funny Pages – Weekend Warriors

This weekend brings some new sketch videos to your favorite sites.

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

It’s a big catch this weekend, as whales and nature documentaries are joined by two blockbusters megafranchises. But the real winner is a commercial parody from our buddies over at upright Citizens Brigades’ beta team Pants Suit.

Check out all that’s funny from this past weekend’s featured videos!


Dailymotion  – A surfer swallowed by a whale? (link)

While the title of this one maybe be a bit misleading and sensationalized. It’s still kind of an awesome video. A whale surfaces close by to a surfer and a small boat, just chilling out in the water.

Probably not the funniest batch in the bucket, but kind of an interesting way to start the day!


Collegehumor  – Transformers in 1-D (link)

This one’s a bit of a joke bomb, at first there’s almost a grumble of “Oh, ok.. that’s it?” and as it progress it actually seems to sink in that it, is in fact kind of funny. I’d like to stress heavy emphasis on “kind of”

Seems like kind of a slow weekend for funny videos, and again I’m stressing “kind of”


UCB Comedy – Sad Accountant (link)

In the big winner of the day, is Joe Hartzler playing a big loser, or just an average accountant (cause it’s fun to hate accountants).

Brian Huskey plays the big boss man, and I think this is pretty much the funniest thing you’re going to see today. But why let that stop you, let’s move on.


Youtube – TEENS IN THE WILD! (link)

The smashing duo of Smosh, take on the world of nature documentarians as they don a pith helmet to watch some pitiful teenagers at large.

Looks like that boys have secured some funding via Hot Pockets, for product placement, and I’m sure as they run up to nearly 2 million views on this video, they’ve made a good chuck of microwavable change.


Funny Or Die – Thomas Lennon's Drünken Jünket  (link)

OK, so the Harold and Kumar/Funny or die PR machine is still rolling out, pseudo funny “viral” videos. In this latest master(bator) piece Tom Lennon is interview by Glenn Marzipan (Tom Lennon in a shiny blonde wig, and oddly mismatched accent). At some point things become horribly surreal as Lennon rubs a black knife against his alter ego’s face… but I guess this is what passes for comedy if you’ve made a name for yourself by running around the desert in shorts.

So that’s what’s funny on the front page of some of the best video sites on the web,  now get to hanging around that water cooler and amaze your friends with your epic web video knowledge!

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