Brian K. Vaughan Goes ‘Under The Dome’ At Showtime

The acclaimed comic scribe will adapt Stephen King's novel for television.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Back in August, Showtime picked up the rights to Stephen King's 2009 "Under the Dome" with an eye towards turning it into a weekly TV series. And now the network has settled on a fan favorite writer to tackle the adaptation.

According to Deadline, Brian K. Vaughan has signed on to write the pilot script of "Under the Dome." Like the original novel, "Under the Dome" will focus on the residents of a vacation town in in Maine after they are trapped inside a mysterious force field that cuts them off from the rest of the world. Some of the more unstable people within use the incident as an excuse to seize control of the town and everyone who lives there.

Among comic book fans, Vaughan is best known for his creator owned series, "Y: The Last Man," "Ex Machina" and the graphic novel "Pride of Baghdad" in addition to creating Marvel's "Runaways." On the strength of his comics work, Vaughan was hired to the writing staff of "Lost" during the third season and remained on the show through the end of the fifth season.

"Under the Dome" also marks a reunion between King and legendary director, Steven Spielberg; who previously teamed up to produce a TV adaptation of "The Talisman;" which was planed as a miniseries for TNT before collapsing at an early stage of pre-production. Spielberg's DreamWorks Television will produce "Under the Hood" after scoring a hit series last summer on TNT with "Falling Skies."

If "Under the Dome" goes forward as a series, it will be Showtime's first sci-fi/fantasy show since 2003's "Dead Like Me."

Who do you think should be cast in "Under the Dome"? Do you think that the book can work as an ongoing TV series? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!