‘Sons of Anarchy’ Season 4 – Death Pool

Who will die before the end of the fourth season of Sons of Anarchy?

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Sons of Anarchy - Season 4 Death Pool

"Sons of Anarchy" has a reputation for some of the most intense storylines on TV, and this season has been no exception. Events in Charming are coming to a head and one of the founding members of SAMCRO, Piermont "Piney" Winston (William Lucking) has already been murdered by none other than Clay Morrow (Ron Perlman) himself. And if history is any indication, Piney won't be the last major character to go down this season.

Out of the entire cast, only Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam) seems to be completely safe at the moment. To sort things out, Crave Online has assembled a list of the 10 characters most likely to die before the end of the fourth season. Major changes are likely coming to "Sons of Anarchy," and it may get really bloody along the way. Once you're done reading the list, share your predictions for the rest of this season in the comment section below!


Bobby Munson

Bobby Munson (Mark Boone Junior) is SAMCRO's secretary and treasurer. He's also been the leading voice of dissent against SAMCRO's drug running deal with the Galindos cartel.

Why he'll die: Fed up with the death and destruction stemming from the Galindos deal, Bobby challenged Clay for the Presidency of SAMCRO. That challenge didn't go away just because the club is in a war with the Lobos Sonora cartel alongside the Galindos. Clay may have bigger problems at the moment, but if he had a way to eliminate Bobby without leading back to him, you can bet that he would take it. Bobby should never turn his back on Clay, especially while in a shooting war with the LS.

There is also the matter of Big Otto blaming Bobby for the death of his wife. Otto may not be free, but he could still put a plan for his own revenge in motion.

Why he'll live: At the moment, Bobby isn't the biggest threat to Clay's future. And from a dramatic standpoint, Bobby's death wouldn't carry as much weight as some of the other characters on this list.

Odds: 1:75


Sheriff Eli Roosevelt

Lieutenant Eli Roosevelt (Rockmond Dunbar) is the acting Sheriff of Charming and the new law in town. And he's much less tolerant of SAMCRO than his predecessor, Wayne Unser.

Why he'll die: In a recent interview, Dunbar states that the original plan was for Roosevelt to die an epic death after ten episodes. Clearly he's still around for week 11 and Dunbar has said "I don't die." But isn't that what you would expect to hear from someone who is going to die? It would definitely be a surprise. But if the law finally comes down hard on SAMCRO, which member of the local police do you think they'll take it out on first?

Why he'll live: We have to give Dunbar the benefit of the doubt that Roosevelt doesn't die and it would open the door for the character to return in the fifth season. It feels like Roosevelt's story has barely begun and he hasn't even suffered the political fallout from his role in blackmailing Juice for the RICO investigation. In short, Roosevelt has a lot to lose before his death becomes an inevitability.

Odds: 1:50


Lincoln Potter

Assistant U.S. Attorney Lincoln Potter (Ray McKinnon) is the one of the worst enemies that SAMCRO has… and most of them don't even know he exists. However, as the head of an inter-agency RICO investigation, Lincoln knows far more about the Sons and the way they operate than anyone on the outside should. And he seems driven to take down SAMCRO, the Irish Kings and the Galindos cartel. He just may do it too…

Why he'll die: No one crosses SAMCRO the way Lincoln has and gets out alive. As his plan enters the endgame, Lincoln won't be able to hide in the shadows forever. Plus, once the club figures out how he blackmailed Juice, they'll be coming for him directly.

Why he'll live: Make no mistake, Lincoln's eventual fate is sealed. But it seems fairly unlikely that he'll wind up dead this season. Once his activities come out, Lincoln is going to be fair game. But until then, he's the puppet master who has made Roosevelt and Juice into his pawns for an increasingly deadly game.

Odds: 1:40


Happy Lowman (David Labrava) is the last member of SAMCRO that you want to mess with. Even among stone cold killers, Happy stands out for his ruthlessness and the joy he takes in his work. Every time he kills someone, he has a happy face tattoo added to his body.

Why he'll die: During an interview earlier this week, Labrava stated that it is "painfully obvious" to Happy that Juice has turned rat and that Happy is keeping a close eye on Juice. A few episodes back, Juice killed Miles to protect his secret. Do you really think that he wouldn't try to kill Happy too if it came down to the two of them?

Why he'll live: In a fight between Happy and Juice, I'd take Happy in almost any bet. Juice may be a desperate man, but Happy is much more dangerous. The only way to take him out is by surprise and he's already on the look out for Juice's next move.

Odds: 1:30


Big Otto Delaney

"Sons of Anarchy" creator Kurt Sutter actually has a recurring role on the series as Big Otto Delaney, an imprisoned member of SAMCRO who has suffered tremendously on behalf of the club. He is currently on death row with failing health and dealing with the knowledge that SAMCRO has failed to avenge the murder of his wife, Luann… and lied to him about it.

Why he'll die: Lincoln Potter has manipulated the facts of Luann's murder to implicate Bobby Munson and by exposing the club's lies regarding the promise of vengeance for his wife. Lincoln is convinced that this will cause Big Otto to finally turn on SAMCRO and give them the information he needs to shut down the club for good. But if Big Otto turns rat, there will almost certainly be a shiv with his name on it before too long…

Why he'll live: Would Kurt Sutter really write off the character that he plays on the series? Possibly, but it seems fairly early in the story to dispatch Big Otto for good. He may never get out of prison, but Big Otto deserves to get justice for his murdered wife before anything else happens to him.

Odds: 1:25

Wayne Unser

As the former Sheriff of Charming, Wayne Unser (Dayton Callie) had a close relationship with SAMCRO and he seemed to have a fatherly love towards Gemma. He may not have any official powers anymore, but Unser has proven his loyalty to the club and to Gemma on multiple occasions.

Why he'll die: Unser has attempted to protect Tara Knowles from Clay's wraith by making a false threat against her life. Clay instantly knew that Unser was behind it, shattering their friendship. Also, Unser is one of only three people in the U.S. who has read the letters from John Teller implicating Clay and Gemma for his murder. Once Tara is out of the way, expect Clay to make sure that Unser is the next target removed.

Why he'll live: He won't live. Unser has already been diagnosed with cancer; which means that he's already facing a death sentence. The only question is whether Unser will die as a victim of Clay's crimes or as collateral damage this season as opposed to limping into another season to explore his wildly inappropriate attraction towards Gemma.

Odds: 1:15


Dr. Tara Knowles

If "Sons of Anarchy" is carrying the themes of Shakespeare's "Hamlet," then Tara Knowles (Maggie Siff) is the Ophelia of the story. With her hand seriously crushed in the most recent episode during a botched hit arranged by Clay, Tara seemed to give into despair and possibly even madness… just as Ophelia did in "Hamlet."

Why she'll die: Tara is still being targeted by the Galindos cartel because Clay made them believe that she would expose their operation. And Clay needs her out of the way to protect himself from the secrets in John Teller's letters. Even in the hospital under guard from SAMCRO and the police, Tara may not be able to survive the coming reckoning in Charming.

Why she'll live: On the other hand, it would be pretty lazy storytelling to bring so much tragedy into Tara's life and not let her deal with it. There are signs that the writers want Tara to live, including the botched hit sequence in which the attempted killers could have put a bullet in Tara on more than one occasion. Tara also represents the lone bright spot in Jax Teller's life. With her out of the way, the next few years of "Sons of Anarchy" would be pretty bleak.

Odds: 1:10


Gemma Teller Morrow

For years, Gemma (Katey Sagal) has been the defacto Queen of SAMCRO. No matter how this season plays out, that seems destined to change now that she's turned against her husband, Clay.

Why she'll die: Gemma is the only person who knows all of Clay's secrets. In the most recently aired episode, Clay brutally beat Gemma to protect his secrets and lies. There should be no question now that Clay loves himself far more than he ever cared for Gemma. If she attempts to expose his murder of Piney or turn Jax against him, Clay may not see any other option than to kill his wife of nearly two decades.

Why she'll live: Gemma didn't get to be the SAMCRO Queen for nothing. Out of all of the club's old ladies, Gemma has more than enough ruthlessness to contend with anyone, even Clay. Gemma's current goal is to get Jax to kill Clay on her behalf and as revenge for what he did to Tara. Once that card is played, Clay may not even get a chance to strike back at Gemma.

Odds: 1:7


As an actor, Theo Rossi is having his most meaningful season on "Sons of Anarchy" as Juan Carlos "Juice" Ortiz. Blackmailed by Lincoln and Roosevelt into betraying SAMCRO, Juice has already tried to take his own life. Now clinging to the slim chance that Lincoln will keep his word about not dismantling the entire Sons of Anarchy nationwide organization, Juice has seemingly taken the deal and sealed his fate.

Why he'll die: No one betrays SAMCRO and gets away with it. No one. Rossi has had a remarkably well played season, but all signs point towards this storyline ending with Juice's death. If the club doesn't kill him for betraying them, then Juice may make sure his second attempt at suicide goes more smoothly than his first. The best thing that Juice could hope for now is that his mixed race heritage comes out sooner, so that the club would expel him rather than murder him.

Why he'll live: It would be a hell of a swerve if Juice comes out of this story alive, even with SAMCRO on his heels for revenge. A happy ending doesn't seem to be in the cards for anyone on this show, but with all of the drama between Clay and Jax and the ongoing war with the Lobos, Juice actually does have a chance to slip under the radar and survive… for now.

Odds: 1:4

Clay Morrow

Once considered one of the true antiheroes of "Sons of Anarchy," Clay Morrow (Ron Perlman) has crossed far too many lines this season to be considered anything other than the most dangerous threat to SAMCRO's existence. With his hands failing him, Clay has shown a willingness to do anything to get out of the club with as much money as possible for his retirement. And if that means killing Piney, Tara and even viciously beating his own wife, then so be it.

Why he'll die: Once Gemma turned against Clay, there was no going back. With his queen on his side, Clay may have been able to slither out of the blame for what happened to Piney and Tara. But with Gemma seemingly poised to tell Jax the truth about his father's murder at Clay's hands (as well as all of his other sins), then all signs point towards this being the final showdown between Jax and Clay. And my money is on Jax…

Why he'll live: Clay will only live if Kurt Sutter and/or the FX network chicken out and pull back from the amazing story that has unfolded this season. Too many triggers have been pulled and they can't walk things back into the status quo. With all that Clay has done in this season alone, there has to be an ending of it. A fifth season with Clay on the run from his own club could be interesting, but not nearly as much as Jax being forced to take the Presidency at last.

No matter what happens, this is Jax's time now. Clay Morrow is yesterday's news.

Odds: 1:2