An Epic Sense of Nostalgia from Abobo’s Big Adventure

Pummel your enemies with furious fists of nostalgia!

Mike Whiteby Mike White


You might watch this video and think it’s either a joke or an Adult Swim game that is essentially a well-concocted joke. I promise you, it’s not. Once you realize Abobo’s Big Adventure is a real game in development, albeit a parody of multiple games, you’ll be just as happy as I was the first time I saw the trailer. What if I also told you the game will be completely free?

“Team Bobo” started their project eight years ago, building their ultimate tribute to 8-bit games of a past generation. Various circumstances put the project on hold, but now it finally nears completion. With the release of the official trailer, fans can witness just what lies ahead. Abobo’s son has been kidnapped. A whole bunch of whoop ass ensues.

The game is spread across a variety of maps, each paying homage to classic Nintendo titles. Players will need to adjust to varying play-styles to complete each map by clearing out waves of enemies and mini bosses.

Games like Contra, Mega Man, Mario, Zelda, Punchout and Double Dragon are all included in Abobo’s magnificent mash-up. I can’t imagine a list of games that were responsible for more frustration and unadulterated happiness in my youth.

Browser-based games are nothing new, but not since Robot Unicorn Attack has a game shown this kind of potential. I couldn’t be more grateful to the people who labor over games just to share their passion with others. Hopefully, with the recent announcement that the team finished coding the last boss, we won’t have to wait too much longer to get behind the wheel of this classic-style console game.

You can sign up to receive news about the game via email over at their website. If you’re feeling particularly generous, there is also a donation section. Sit back, strap in and prepare for an epic mustache ride.