What’s Happening On The Web This Week: Occupy No More

NYPD kicks out OWS. Plus: PETA takes on Super Mario for a stupid reason.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Wanna know what’s happening on the web this week? Occupy’s gone. Jimmy sings a reading song. Peta says “game on.” The new McRib’s just plain wrong. Are the there Christian words for “schlong?” Here’s the week in viral:


NYPD Clears Occupy Wall Street Out of Zuccotti Park

Next, Mayor Bloomberg turns his attention to arresting those f***ing Muppets occupying Sesame Street. [via]


Jimmy Fallon Performs Reading Rainbow Theme As Jim Morrison

The Doors get high on reading – the lamest kind of high.


PETA Attacks Mario For Wearing Tanooki “Fur”

But turtle stomping is still as awesome as ever? Play the game here.


51 Christian Words For Vagina

Frankly, I would just try to avoid the subject altogether.


McRib with Bacon and Mozzarella Sticks

McDonald’s New Slogan: "Why Not Die Here?" [via]


See you next week for more links. Sure, they can kick us out of Link Park for “maintenance,” but we’ll be back.


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