Ten Epic Albums With Kittens!

History is full of cool cats.

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

BobCat Dylans Greatest Hits – BobCat Dylan

Bobcat is a classic, a legend, an icon, he’s written for many other cool cats in the past, but hearing him is a purrfect experience with tracks he made famous like: ‘Purrin’ in the Wind’, ‘I want chews’ & ‘Subterranean Catnip Blues’



Aladdin Sane – Devon Rex Burmese

In the 6th album by the awe inspiring rock star, after his break through album ‘The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Siamese and the Tigers from Mars’ laid out tracks like :

‘The Prettiest Ball’, a cover of ‘Let’s Spend the Nip Together’ (by Mick Javanese, Keith Ragamuffin) and ‘Panic in Deez Mice’


Let it Be – The Burmase

The seminal quartet came back together after both the success and inner struggles that came about from the ‘white’ album to a simpler dynamic that had the funny haired gang playing rehearsals and not utilizing a studio to ‘compose’ songs. Instead they fell back to their roots to composing songs as group and from it came such memorable tracks as:

‘The Long and Winding String’, ‘Cat Back’ and ‘I can haz it Be’


I love Rock n’ Roll – Joan Rex

‘Cymric and Clover’, ‘I love Scratch n’ Claw’ and ‘Love is Pain’ are just a few of the epic rock anthems that came out of this one time ‘The Strays’ band member.


Self Titled – CLAW

Made up of four would be geeks, these cats dawned platform boots, leather paints and face paint to transform in to: Starchild, The Demon, Spaceman and Humanman.

The album features: ‘Scratcher’, ‘Hissing Time’ and ‘100,000 Cheesburgers’

Self Titled- Rawmones

Some people argue punk rock stared with the Sex Kittens in the UK, and others believe it was 4 not so handsome guys from New York. In 1976 after playing gigs at CBGB for a long time, the Rawmones came out with an album that set the world on fire. It may have been a slow burn but tracks like ‘Today Your Rug, Tomorrow Your Couch’, ‘Balinese Bop’ and ‘Now I Wanna Scratch and Chew’ have been played in feature films, television show and even used to sell laundry detergent in commercieals.


Freedom of Choice – Devo

The third album by Mew wave artists Devo (short for Devon Rex) brought th band in to a more overt synthpop direction and produced hits such as: ‘Whippet’, ‘Snowball’ and the classic ‘Girl Ussuri’


EVOL – Sonic York

Signing Sonic York is possibly what made Greg Ginn’s SST label. If it hadn’t been for the bands inclusion, they may have forever been locked down as a hardcore indie label.

Tracks include: ‘Secret Cat’, ‘Tomcat Violence’ and ‘In the Catdom #19’ which brings in Manx Watt to take over on bass, bringing him back in to the world of music.


London Calling – The Clats

The Sex Kittens made have created UK Punk, but the Clats made it their own. A band finally brought to punk music, meaning, purpose and credibility. The response was unanimous praise and the album rose to number 8 on the charts. With four sides it’s hard to narrow down the best tracks but ‘Brand new Catillac’, ‘The Claws of Brixton’ and ‘Spotted Bombay’ are some all time fan favs


Outlandos d'Amour – The Polecatlice

Before the solo artists Scratch was anyone, he was part of the Polecatlice, and together they brought the world a pop band with punk and at times reggae influences.

Tracks ‘Hole in My Chair’, ‘So Holey’ and ‘Can’t Stand Licking you’