TNT Debuts New ‘Dallas’ Trailer

The classic series returns to TV next summer.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

In 2012, the Ewings are returning to Southfork.

Earlier this year, TNT gave the greenlight for a new "Dallas" series; which is set to run for ten episodes in the summer of 2012. The original "Dallas" was one of the most iconic shows of the '80s, thanks to the unforgettable performances of Larry Hagman as J. R. Ewing, along with Patrick Duffy as J. R.'s brother, Bobby Ewing and Linda Gray as Sue Ellen Ewing, among several others.

Over the course of 13 seasons, the Ewing family feuded with themselves and outsiders for control of the family's vast holdings in Southfork, Texas. And rather than simply reboot the series, TNT's "Dallas" will maintain the continuity of the original show and follow the Ewing rivalry as it extends to the next generation with J. R.'s son John Ross Ewing (Josh Henderson) facing off against Christopher Ewing (Jesse Metcalfe), the adopted son of Bobby Ewing.

Hagman, Duffy and Gray will reprise their roles in the new series, alongside Julie Gonzalo ("Veronica Mars") and Jordana Brewster ("The Fast & The Furious").

In this newly released trailer for the new "Dallas," several scenes lay the groundwork for the battle between John Ross and Christopher Ewing as the cast weighs in on the impact that the original "Dallas" had on television.



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