The Continued Subjugation Of Chris Paul

The NBA is flexing it's muscles in keeping Paul in New Orleans.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

It's basically official, the NBA has no real intention of trading Chris Paul. At least that's the impression being given after the league nixed yet another trade that would have sent the disgruntled former All-Star out of New Orleans to a destination he wanted to go to.

OK, by the time this hits the unlimited world wide web, Paul  may have been finally dealt to the Los Angeles Clippers since apparently talks have resumed, but after watching this joke of a story go on for the past week, somehow I doubt it's going to happen within the next few hours. 

You see, the NBA is flexing it's considerable muscles in this instance to keep a top player in the league from choosing his own destination. They are trying to send a clear message across the league to the best players out there and since the Hornets are a league owned team at the moment, then they have that ability in spades.

What's that message? Well, it's simple, they don't run this league, the owners and the NBA does so sit down, shut up, and play out your contract.

After considerable backlash from both the lockout, the Carmelo Anthony fiasco, and the summer before when the Miami trio was formed, the NBA feels that it has to step in and try to even out this growing trend of players dictating destinations and screwing over fan-bases. While the sentiment is a nice one, the league is, as always, enacting it in the most idiotic of ways

No, instead of holding out and making more provisions in the new CBA that would have prevented such a thing, they are instead blindly turning down huge trades that would benefit all parties in an event to keep Paul in New Orleans. They are basically handcuffing their own owned team, the Hornets, by asking such a ridiculous asking price for Paul that every team will, and should, balk at it.

It's ludicrous, ridiculous, and the only message it's sending is that the league is being run by a bunch of whiny school children who want to take their toys and go home.

The really sad part about all this, the part lost amid this shuffle of ineptitude by the NBA, is that Chris Paul is a hell of a nice guy and if he wants out of New Orleans, the Hornets should honor that request. He has given his all for that team and considering they have no owner and no real talent around him, he has every right to want to be traded instead of having his life bounced around like the ball he handles so well.

You can even say that he is doing the team one last courtesy by letting them know he intends to leave and giving them the chance to get something for him before letting him walk as a free agent. That is something I'm sure fans in Cleveland or Toronto would have loved to have had.

But no, the NBA is asking for everything including the kitchen sink for Paul, something no team will give, so he will end up playing one last season in New Orleans before packing his bags and going west.

Leaving the Hornets with nothing but his memory because the NBA was too stubborn to do what was right.