The Big List: Funniest Headlines of 2011! DeLorean Sells For $541k!

Hilarious newspaper headlines that aren’t from The Onion. Plus: A Yeti Finger?

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Time to do your laundry, look at the socks, see a miracle, take a picture, upload the picture, get confused when everyone on the internet doesn’t immediately convert to Christianity and check out these links!


The 50 Funniest Headlines of 2011

Or: 50 Instances In Which Editors Got Major Headaches After Getting A Bunch Of Angry Emails.


Authentic Back To The Future DeLorean Sells For $541,200!

If the buyer regrets paying that much, he can always go back in time and stop the auction from happening.


Yeti Finger Turns Out To Be Boring Old Human Finger

Thanks for the buzz kill, science.


Proving Atheists Wrong With Science #1

Or: Religion Shooting Itself In The Foot #1


Jesus Socks

Then again, Jesus socks.


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