Former 'Full House' stars team up with the former Mr. Belding for a web series.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Writers: David Coulier & Jordan Rozansky

Director: David Odio

I've never seen the '80s sitcom, "Full House," so I have no familiarity with either David Couiler or Jodie Sweetin, two former stars of that show who teamed up last fall for a web series called "Can't Get Arrested."

In the series, Couiler and Sweetin portray fictionalized versions of themselves who get an unexpected chance to reenter the Hollywood tabloid spotlight when a picture of Sweetin is photoshopped to include a nipple slip. With the renewed attention, their friend Dennis Haskins (Mr. Belding from "Saved By The Bell") elicits their help for his own floundering career; which eventually puts him into a staged fight with professional house guest, Kato Kaelin.

The tone of "Can't Get Arrested" seems to be trying capture a "Curb Your Enthusiasm" vibe. However, that show features several actors who are very gifted at improv and comedy. The same can't be said about "Can't Get Arrested." In fact, "Can't Get Arrested" commits the cardinal sin of comedy.

It just isn't funny.

There's something amazing about the way that nothing works on this show. The basic premise behind the series isn't bad. I'm sure that there are numerous former stars who would do anything to recapture a taste of the spotlight that they once had. But the strange world of Hollywood as presented in "Can't Get Arrested" neither rings true nor manages to generate any laughs. And whereas "Curb Your Enthusiasm" can pull off the absurd and unlikely events of Larry David's life with at least some small measure of realism, "Can't Get Arrested" has neither reality or heart.

What does it say about a show when Kato Kaelin gives the strongest performance? He's the only "actor" on "Can't Get Arrested" who doesn't seem like he's acting. And maybe Kaelin isn't acting; perhaps he just simply reacts as he would normally. Unfortunately, the performances of Couiler, Sweetin and Haskins come off as so forced that I can't even believe in them as characters, much less as functioning human beings. Couiler also plays off himself as his representative, Irv Steenstein over a web cam; and he doesn't land a single joke in any of his scenes.

Even from a technical standpoint, "Can't Get Arrested" is not a very well made show. The camera shots seem to be ill-chosen and the five episodes are relentlessly dull. Most web series have at least some redeeming quality that make them at least worth watching once. "Can't Get Arrested" has nothing redeeming about it. It simply exists.

Judging from IMDB, Couiler and Haskins have both been working regularly in the years since their peak, while Sweetin has a few gaps in her resume. But if anything can be gleaned from "Can't Get Arrested" it's that their time in the spotlight passed for good reason.

Crave Online Rating: 0 out of 10.