Here’s What YOU Want to See in January!

Apparently you'd rather watch sexy vampires than Liam Neeson get eaten by wolves. Who knew?

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

The results are in! CraveOnline's poll to find out what January movie release you're most excited about yielded plentiful results. Do you want to watch Mark Wahlberg steal counterfeit money in Contraband? Or the Tuskegee Airmen flies the unfriendly skies in Red Tails? Or UFC superstar Gina Carrano make her action movie debut in Haywire? Or Liam Neeson run from wild wolves in The Grey?

Naaaaaaaaaaah… You want more Underworld. Can't say we blame you.

Underworld Awakening ran away with 52.19% of the votes, making it – by far – your most anticipated film of January 2012. The closest contender was Red Tails, with a comparatively paltry 13.02% of the votes. All the other films on the poll were neck-and-neck, with The Grey earning 11.89% of the votes, Haywire garnering 11.49% and Contraband, oh, poor Contraband, bringing up the rear with 11.41%. 

That's good news for Underworld Awakening, but not necessarily bad news for any of the other January releases. In a poll, you can only pick one film, but in real life you could see all of them if you really wanted. So time will tell if they're all destined to bomb or be real competition for the fourth vampires vs. werewolves movie in the popular franchise.