Michigan St. Wins In 2nd OT

Controversy swirls as Michigan St. tops Wisconsin.

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

Pop Quiz.

Which clock is the official clock as time expires?

A.     The clock attached to the backboard.

B.     The clock at the scorer’s table.

If you answered A to the above question you would be right. If you answered B you are probably a pissed off Wisconsin fan. And if you said why on earth would they be different, you asked the question everyone was wondering Tuesday night as Michigan State beat Wisconsin for the first time in Wisconsin since 2001.

With Michigan St. up by 3 with time running out in the 2nd OT, Ryan Evans banked an apparent game-tying 3-pointer. It was indicated as good on the floor, but upon further investigation the controversy began.

Under the scrutiny of playback it became apparent that the ball did not leave Evans’ hand if we went by the on-court clocks, but it did leave his hand with .2 seconds to spare if we went by the arena clocks.

Unfortunately for Wisconsin the letter of the law in NCAA basketball clearly states that the on-court clocks are king and these are the clocks that are the official game clocks in these situations. This means Evans’ last second heroics were .2 seconds too late. Since the game was in Wisconsin and they were running all clocks, they’ve really got no one to blame but themselves for the mistake.

Draymond Green dropped in 18 points and 14 rebounds for the Spartans and Keith Appling added 16 points of his own as Michigan St. has now won 14 in a row and are 14-2 overall.