CALIFORNICATION 5.02 ‘ The Way of the Fist’

Hank takes the high road when Becca's boyfriend takes a page out of his own book.

Hilary Rothingby Hilary Rothing

Episode Title: 'The Way of the Fist'

Writer: Tom Kapinos

Director: David Duchovny

Hank Moody (David Duchovny) has come face to face with his evil, younger doppleganger in Becca's d-baggy boyfriend, Tyler. Not only did Tyler take liberties with Hank's little girl, he took a pink iPad from Hank. More on Apple products and "Californication" in just a moment…

After four seasons of colossal f*** ups with Karen and Becca, Hank tried to do the right thing by his daughter. But Hank's problems are also found in the company he keeps. When you confide in someone who goes by "Samurai Apocalypse," don't be surprised when your daughter's sleazy boyfriend winds up in the ER. Still, the kid deserved it. As for Samurai, he was just "peacocking…"

It's no longer a given that Hank Moody is the coolest guy at the party,  nd it's something I'm digging about this fifth season. Four seasons in, watching Hank work a room was starting to get a bit old and the charm began to ware off for me, the viewer and clearly, Becca and Karen had enough. 

I still believe Hank can talk the pants off any girl and probably a few guys, despite themselves. But what's making this season work, so far, is seeing Hank operate so far outside his comfort zone. Not just with Karen and Becca, now somewhat out of reach, but also in Hank's ever-evolving career as a master wordsmith.

And though he may be a fish out of water in Samurai Apocalypse's world, it's not stopping Hank from yet again reaching for that for low-hanging yet forbidden fruit. With Karen wrapped up in Bates, Hank's truly off the leash and Callie is into him. Still, we're talking about a guy named Samurai Apocalypse, here.

"The Way of the Fist" did a nice job giving equal time to slick, fast-talking Hank, who attempted to slip away from acclaimed director, Peter Berg after learning he bedded the man's soulmate, and poor, sloppy sad sack, Hank who begrudgingly handed over an iPad 2 to Becca's obnoxious boyfriend.

And about the Apple products…With Hank's iPhone going off in every other scene and the gratuitous mention of the iPad, the product placement is becoming a bit distracting. 

I did, however, appreciate Hank mocking Peter Berg for directing "Battleship" and the multiple callbacks to the billionaire investor who offed himself via autoerotic asphyxiation, last season. 

So will Hank bed the rapper's girlfriend and find himself holed up with bullets on a bearskin rug, ala his nightmare? Probably not, but I doubt he'll escape this season with just one black eye.

Crave Online Rating: 8 out of 10.