Top 3 Metro systems

Skip the cab ride and try out these 3 awesome metro systems.

Eli Blueby Eli Blue


Covering miles and miles of track with a who's who of amenities, these three metro systems are amongst the world's best for service, innovation, and value.

New York MTA 

Although grimier than public restrooms, its $2.25 one trip flat fare to any of the five boroughs services more than 5 million daily riders. Unlike San Francisco's BART which charges a rate-by-distance, New Yorkers can cover the tip of Manhattan island to the North Bronx for less than the price of a Starbucks iced latte. Plus, the MTA sponsors street musicians competing for high traffic spots in the Music Under New York program. Only the most talented apply in this tribute to New York subway culture.

Hong Kong MTR

The MTR system is one of the most expansive in Asia with 150 stations and 70 light rail stops represented, servicing more than 3 million people a day. Its biggest claim to fame is its timeliness and a cheap fare (85 cents) by international standards.

Copenhagen Metro

In less than 10 years, Copenhagen Metro managed to nab the World’s Best Metro award by industry experts for its innovation as an unmanned network servicing 24/7 over a 13 mile network. Points deducted for dwarfing the hundreds of miles of the Tokyo, New York, and London metros although at no fault of tiny Copenhagen.


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