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Ninja’s, Mary Kate, and the newest Super Mario Villain!

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Check out today’s load of viral videos pulled from the front pages of some of the world’s top funny sites. Get your face ready to be slapped with the full force of comedy the web has to offer, or just by a ninja. It’s Go time, and pepper time.


Dorkly – Luigi Meets Waluigi (link)

The sad truth too 8-bit villains, sometimes you can dress up a turd and sometimes the turd dresses you. Wait. Is that a saying? That’s a saying right? Cool. He guys, Wawaluigi!


Break  – Title (link)

Let’s take a break, with a slap, ninja style.

Wait for it… wait for it… wait for it… seriously the video starts playing at 32 seconds, for some suspend building reason.


College Humor – Very Mary-Kate: Trenta (link)

Kudos to this,  and to twitter in heaven. I could see a new one of these every day.

Which sadly leads me to something I don’t want to see everyday, but am forced to. At gun point, or pit bull point. I don’t know why I surf the internet from inside this pit. But damn the wifi is free!


UCB Comedy – Jim-A-Day Calendar: Feb 2, 2012 (link)

I have to say, I have never been more annoyed by a series of videos since the 1990 run of Saturday Night Live and all their “wacky” groundlings inspired characters.

Again, UCB if you’re going to do something like this every damn day, get some production value, a better camera, lights,  and bone up on those chromo key skills. Oh and writers might help.


Funny Or Die – Shit Emmy Award Winning Actors Say (link)

You may have seen these videos floating around the internet. But never before have I seen one that I thought so much “Oh My God, they do say that” to every single line. It’s meesed up, oh and one of my favorite actors from Breaking Bad shows up!


That’s the super poop of the web today!

That’s what’s funny on the world of the web today.

Now go forth and grab your jalapeño pepper parts.

Got a suggestion on a website I don’t hit? Leave a facebook comment below and I’ll check it out or send me a tweet to your video URL on twitter at @samproof  – tell me crave sent you.

Here’s some bonus fun: