The B-Movies Podcast First Anniversary Spectacular!

Bibbs has been kidnapped! Witney needs Alonso Duralde, Dave White, Jessie Maltin and Grae Drake to save the day. Chronicle, The Woman in Black and The Innkeepers reviewed!

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

Guest stars aplenty in The B-Movies Podcast's (slightly late) One Year Anniversary Spectacular, The Revenge of the Theta Covenant, featuring Dave White of, Alonso Duralde of The Wrap, Jessie Maltin of Leonard Maltin's Film Crazy, Marc Edward Heuck of The Projector Has Been Drinking  and Grae "Legs" Drake of CNN and The Popcorn Mafia! This week, B-Movies Podcast host William Bibbiani has been kidnapped by an evil character actor and it's up to his co-host Witney Seibold to save the day with the help of all their film critic friends. They'll travel around the universe, through underground volcano lairs and discover the majesty of Cruising: The Animated Series while also finding time to review ChronicleThe Woman in Black and The Innkeepers. Yes, celebrate the wonder of cinema through the tangentially-related art of the radio drama in this one-hour special, written by our very own Witney Seibold.

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Oh, and before we forget, don't forget to download the Sofa Dogs commentary track to the 1980's cult classic Three O'Clock High, featuring William Bibbiani and John Pavlich!

(Unanswered Question of the Week: The generically-named Hammer Horror Film starring Hilary Swank that went straight to video was called The Resident. We haven't seen it either.)


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