HAWAII FIVE-0 2.15 ‘Mai Ka Wa Kahiko’

A case gets personal for Danno when a corrupt former partner comes to town looking for revenge.

Hilary Rothingby Hilary Rothing

Episode Title: 'Mai Ka Wa Kahiko'

Writer: Bill Nuss

Director: Larry Teng


When a U.S. Marshall is murdered in an airplane bathroom and a prisoner escapes, 5-0 is called to investigate. Danny (Scott Caan) recognizes the Marshall from the U.S. Marshall Field Office back in New Jersey.

5-0 soon learns that another passenger is missing. According to the identification found in his bag, the man is Rick McGuire. However, TSA footage shows a man who's much taller than McGuire, leading 5-0 to theorize it's a case of stolen identity. They soon learn that the real Rick McGuire died two years ago. 

The prisoner Collins was transporting is identified as Sal Painter (Theo Rossi), a thief who robbed high stakes poker games. When McGarrett (Alex O'Loughlin) and Danny drop by one of the games and learn that Painter is hiding out in a hotel.  

Once taken into custody, Painter tells 5-0 that he didn't know the man who freed him on the airplane. However, he does tells them that the man who helped him escape became upset when he lost a key in the cargo hold. After retrieving the key, it's sent to the lab for further examination.

The call log from Collins' phone reveals that he was trying to call Danny. Meanwhile, Danny opens the mailbox the key was for and finds the address the box was registered to. When McGarrett and Chin Ho (Daniel Dae Kim) go to the address, they find a laptop in a hidden room containing images of Danny and his family.

Elsewhere, a man posing as a cop picks up Grace (Teilor Grubbs) from a tennis lesson after telling her that Danny is in the hospital. McGarrett warns Danny that he's being stalked, who then calls Rachel (Claire van der Boom) and tells her to go straight to HPD. The kidnapper then calls Danny from Grace's phone and Danny soon realizes it's his old partner, Rick Peterson. Peterson (Peter Greene) tells Danny that he's cloned his phone and will be monitoring all incoming and outgoing calls. He has Danny throw his phone and gun out of the car window.

Kono (Grace Park) gets a print off the laptop and tells the rest of the team about Peterson, who went to jail for stealing drugs and money from multiple crime scenes.  5-0 realizes Peterson is out for revenge after Danny's testimony at his trial helped put him away. Collins recognized Peterson on the plane and tried to warn Danny.

Danny races through traffic to pick up a phone Peterson stashed under a bench. When they find Danny's gun and phone, the team realizes he's under Peterson's control and start tracking the Camaro's police GPS. Kono learns that Peterson tapped into Danny's voicemail and became fixated on a message he left for Rachel, attempting to repair their relationship.

Peterson meets Danny at the next location and disables the Camaro's GPS. Danny tries to reason with him and explain why he testified against him. However, Peterson is bent on taking Danny's family away from him like Peterson's was taken from him.

Peterson calls Rachel's husband, Stan and has Danny ask him to meet up. At the location, Peterson tells Danny to find a gun he stashed in a trash can and kill Stan with it or else Peterson will kill Grace. When Stan (Mark Deklin) arrives, Danny tries to explain as Peterson watches from the car and grows impatient. As McGarrett and Chin Ho race towards the two, Danny shoots Stan in the shoulder and then fires two shots into the ground. Stan survives the shot to the shoulder and Peterson is taken into custody. However, when he won't reveal Grace's location, Danny shoots him in the leg. 5-0 soon finds Grace in a storage locker and she, Danny and Rachel are reunited.


A blast from Danny's past made for one of the most intense episodes of "H50" to date. With the Wo Fat storyline on hold, "Mai Ka Wa Kahiko" which means "out of the past" managed to induce nail biting in a fast-paced hour that shined a light on Danny's Jersey days. Plus, there was Juice from "Sons of Anarchy" and Zed from "Pulp Fiction."

"5-0" is great at ramping up the intensity with high-stakes cases, particularly when things get personal. Danny was already on tilt when he started water-boarding Painter but once Grace and Rachel's lives were on the line, we saw Danny pushed to the limit, forced to shoot his ex-wife's new hubby. But as Peterson said, he had to enjoy it, just a little bit. Maybe?

For the sake of keeping up the intensity, "Mai Ka Wa Kahiko" was lacking in lighter moments. Except for Weston's random sprained ankle, the only point of which was to allow for more flirtation between her and McGarrett.  Personally, I could do without that.

"Hawaii Five-0" is one of the more rugged police procedurals out there, making great use of its lush locale and throwing in some pretty wild action scenes (Danny racing through oncoming traffic in this episode). Though I prefer when episodes touch on over-arcing storylines, I can't really complain when we get to see Danno mouthing off to a Mailbox ETC. employee and water boarding a baddie in a swimming pool.

Crave Online Rating: 7.5 out of 10.