The Dread Dormammu Returns to Heroclix

Dormammu, Master Mold and Giganto are three more colossals coming to the new Galactic Guardians set.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker


We schooled you a little while ago on Galactus and the Watcher coming to Heroclix with next month's new Galactic Guardians set.  We know there are 6 different kinds of super boosters overall, and we know five of the colossal figures you'll be able to get in them.  The sixth remains a mystery.  However, in addition to the Big G and the Big Bald U, you can also get The Dread Dormammu, who has only one other representation in the game, and that was several years ago.  This one is a lot bigger, and a hell of a lot more badass.



First of all, the last one came out in 2003, and was 206 points worth of weak defense and not nearly enough damage dealing, despite a nearly full dial of Penetrating/Psychic Blast.  Also, he sorta looked like a Scooby Doo villain.  With this new version, we've got a threat worthy of challenging Dr. Strange, and he can be played at either 250 points or a whopping 600 points. 

What do you get for 250 points?  Well, permanent Probability Control as an uncounterable trait is very good, letting you re-roll attacks at will since, as a colossal figure, chances are nothing's going to be blocking his line of fire.  That "Lord of the Dark Dimension" trait also grants friendly characters immunity to the dreaded Mystics team ability, meaning you're free to attack the hell out of your opponent's Mystic figures without fear of taking the automatic feedback damage for doing so.  On top of that, he sports that Mystics TA himself, so he getst to have his cake and eat it, too. He's also got his "Empower a Minion" special power, which basically gives a quintuple-perplex boost to a teammate who is under 150 points and could use the help.  More interesting is that nifty attack special power "Welcome To My Realm," which lets you dish out free damage to opponents whenever they take an action.  Everyone likes free damage dealing. 

What do you get for 600 points?  9 more clicks of beef than the 250 point version (coming out to about 39 points per click), some mid-dial Regeneration and a starting tough-nut-to-crack 19 Defense with Impervious.  Surprisingly, only two clicks of Impervious on the whole dial, though, but never underestimate how hesitant people are to attack people with the Mystics TA.  Especially if you're playing him with a bunch of Mindless Ones, who are great 100-point Psychic Blasting bricks sporting that same TA.  Plus, 10-range Indomitable Psychic Blast for 5 damage ain't never nothin' to sneeze at.


So, what are the other two colossals we know about?  Well, thanks to, we can ask this: how does Master Mold sound for you? 

Master Mold


Master Mold


Master Mold


If you looked at those powers, you realize how awesome it is that this guy can manufacture Sentinels in the middle of a game, bringing more nasty mutant-hunting robots onto the map and flooding your opponent with robo-jerks to cut through – that is, if you play the 700 or 600 point dials.  See, this guy's so big, he sports three different dials at different point values, and you can play all three of them and run Master Mold at 1500 points if you're crazy enough to play a game that size (and many people are).  Of course, you can only bring in new Sentinels if the rest of your team is less than 300 points, which likely means you're sorta hurting for manpower, but still – the ability to drop another 300 point Sentinel on your opponent out of nowhere ain't nothin' to sneeze at – especially considering how hard it's going to be to KO the Master Mold. 

He's got craploads of damage-reducing powers, you can't Psychic Blast him, he can Multiattack at 10 range with two targets each time, and he dishes out crazy damage.  Even if you play him at the cheapest 200 point level, he starts with the ability to fry you for 6 damage, and he sports the "Retribution Virus" trait, which is like a belated Mystics damage that doubles as a sort of penetrating version of Energy Explosion that's an automatic hit to anyone who dares deal him 2 or more damage.  We're still waiting for an official ruling as to whether or not traits carry over between dials (as in, if you're playing Master Mold at 1500 points, does he retain the traits for the 600 and 700 point dials even after he's knocked all the way down to his 200 point dial, or does he only get to use them when he's still on the 600/700 dials?), but this guy's gonna be a big problem for opposing teams.


Then, we've got the lovely and talented Giganto, The Mole Monster.



Finally, the monster on the cover of Fantastic Four #1 makes its way into Heroclix – just in time to be renamed Korgu in the new Fantastic Four: Season One retelling of the FF's origin.  The big beast is very straight-forward, and is playable at 100, 200, 300 and 400 points, depending on where you start him on his dial, which he impressively dwarfs (and hopefully doesn't constantly fall over on the map when you're playing him).  The coolest thing about him is that he can dig through the ground and then pop up 10 squares away, and immediately Quake the living crap out of the opposing team, all in one action, thanks to that "Surprise Tunneling" trait.  It's also pretty badass that "Sink The Building" allows him to completely change the terrain of the map, meaning if you're opponent is counting on using blocking terrain to hide from you, Giganto here can crush that terrain into regular old hindering terrain, and there's no place to hide from your demolition.  Walking disaster, indeed!


So now we know 5 of the 6 colossals – Galactus, Uatu The Watcher, Dormammu, Giganto and Master Mold.  Who might the sixth be?  There have been plenty of rumors – everything from The Phoenix Force (to tie into Marvel's Avengers vs. X-Men event) or The Stranger or a Celestial to Shuma-Gorath, a Kree Sentry or my personal hope, Terminus (it won't be Terminus).  Stay tuned to find out, or just buy a bunch of Galactic Guardians Heroclix boosters and be surprised when you get 'em.  Last time they did the Super Booster thing like this with colossal figures, it was in the Giant-Size X-Men set, and they didn't tell anybody they were busting out Frost Giants until the set was released, so chances are, we won't know this one until somebody gets their grubby mitts on a brick.

Heroclix is a fun game.