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ARCHIVES- Every past short film of the series so far.

Brad Hansenby Brad Hansen

Weekly Shorts Showcase- Archives

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Episode 1: LITTLE TOMBSTONE (Animated western)

Episode 2: HOW TO KILL A ZOMBIE WITHOUT THE MESS (Zombie horror infomercial spoof)

Episode 3: THE ACCIDENTAL SEA (Salton Sea documentary)

Episode 4: KITTY KITTY World Premiere (Horror featuring toxoplasmosis)

Episode 5: PIGEON: IMPOSSIBLE (Animated comedy/action spy thriller)

Episode 6: THE FANGORIA MACHINE (Steam punk time-travel adventure)

Episode 7: SIGN LANGUAGE (Charming English sign-holder's last day)

Episode 8: ELECTROSHOCK (Animated super-hero comedy)

Episode 9: BAD THINGS THAT COULD HAPPEN (Live-action puppetry)

Episode 10: WRITE OF PASSAGE (Writer's block period comedy)

Episode 11: A NINJA PAYS HALF MY RENT (Ninja roommate comedy)

Episode 12: MAN OF TIME (Old school science experiment gone wrong)

Episode 13: THE TASTING (Comedicly gross taste-test)

Episode 14: SWITCH (Anime-style teen sci-fi comedy)

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