10 Crazy Cupid Fails and a few Sexy Wins

Yay it’s valentine’s Day, you do this, you fail.

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Here are ten examples of how taking an idea to impress your woman, Will go horribly wrong.

(I promise some epic win along the way)

Body Stocking

Have faith in yourself, or just don’t do it. Come on, there’s nothing appealing about a grown man in a body stocking.



If you ever think to yourself “I’m going to photoshop my face on to a baby (dog, cat, cow, anything)… don’t do it. Or I’ll make a special list just for you

Fail by Association

I’m pretty sure this would have made the list in a different section anyway, but fail by association put it’s way over the top


The Wig

To the company that created this specifically to market on Valentine’s day. Take an arrow to the knee.

You’re a Statue

Nobody like this, why, why do you do this to us?!

Here’s some Statue WIN!


Cupid Should be Able to Fly

I’m sorry buddy, stick to Santa Claus and being funny.



Gentlemen, here is some Win for lasting this long (and there's more coming up)

You’re Santa Claus

Wrong season, wrong costume. You sleigh me with how bad an idea this was… that joke was worthy of this post.

Grown Men in Diapers

Seriously, at what point did you wake up in the morning and think… “let’s do this”



I don’t even know what this is or how to criticize it. Please come back to us Shane. Back to reality.

The Romantic

Ah, such a lovely thought… such a lovely, creepy though. OK first off, where the frak are your wings buddy? Second of nice light switch.


The End – you may now have win.