The Simpsons Ultimate Fan Marathon Challenge – Update

We get an update on the fans attempting to watch all 500 episodes of The Simpsons!

CraveOnlineby CraveOnline

As the first morning of The Simpsons Ultimate Fan Marathon Challenge comes to a close, a solid 60 Hardcore Simpsons Fans remain in the glass walled viewing tent that they now call home. Many of them looking just as fierce and determined as when we met in line yesterday… And a few with a look on their face that says “Oh Lord… What have I gotten myself into?"

Fruit and water have been popular choices, saving energy drinks for the home stretch for fear of "The Crash"

Contestant #1, Carin Shareve of Lodi, CA. continued my early bird tradition, by showing up the night before o camp out and securing her the 1st spot in line. Shareve is still in it to win it as we approach the 18 hour mark, but lost her viewing buddy Bill this morning around 6 am, as he gently nodded off into sweet forbidden sleep, and was instantly disqualified. 

Through the glass walls participants can be observed using tactics such as bobbing their heads, fanning themselves, and  chewing ice, to keep themselves alert.

I had a chance to talk to Davis who flew out from Alabama, as he voluntarily left the competition this morning with his Simpsons Box Set.

"I just couldn't deal with the heat, I have sunburn and wanted to be outside in the cool breeze!" he said.

Davis' advice to the remaining contestants is to "Stay cool in there, and try to ignore the smell!"

Davis' is hoping to move his returning flight from Monday the 13th, to … ASAP!

Only time will tell any of the 60… Wait no… "Another one bites the dust!"

Make that 59 die hard couch potatoes have what it takes to break our Guinness World Record for the "Longest Marathon Watching Television".

We shall see!

My tip of the day: If you get a  10 minute break, treat it like an 8 1/2 minute break, don't cut it close and risk not getting back into the tent in time.

Best, Marathon, Ever.