SHAMELESS 2.07 ‘A Bottle of Jean Nate’

Jasmine makes her move on Fiona, while Frank tries to get rid of his beloved "Grammy" Gallagher.

Hilary Rothingby Hilary Rothing

Episode Title: 'A Bottle of Jean Nate'

Writer: Nancy M. Pimental

Director: David Nutter

Previously on "Shameless":

After getting released from prison, "Grammy" Gallagher returned home to torment Frank. Ethel's sister wives also came to town to try and take her back home. Kev promised to protect her but in the end, Ethel left with Malik and their two kids. With Steve back in the picture, Deb decided to tell Fiona about his alternate identity, "Jimmy."


Fiona (Emmy Rossum) is awoken by Jasmine (Amy Smart) licking her ear. She invites Fiona to attend a party on her sugar daddy, David's boat. Frank (William H. Macy) helps Grammy (Louise Fletcher) while a broken up Kev (Steve Howey) goes with V (Shanola Hampton) to an animal shelter, in hopes of finding a pet to help him get over Ethel. With school about to start, Fiona assigns everyone chores but the kitchen clears out when Grammy and Frank come downstairs. Steve (Justin Chatwin) stops by soon after but Fiona wants nothing to do with him. Frank tries to convince Fiona that Grammy needs to move out but she points out all of the contributions Grammy's made to the household.

Over at Sheila's, Karen (Laura Slade Wiggins) has sex with Jody (Zach McGowan) who starts crying uncontrollably afterwards. Later, a bunch of Jody's friends from tattoo school come over and try to convince Karen to give birth at home by sharing their hospital horror stories. At the library, Karen tells Lip (Jeremy Allen White) she needs to get rid of Jody. He suggests getting Jody to sign a forged pre-nup so she can divorce him.

Kev, V and Fiona arrive at the boat party only to find Steve and his wife there. After doing a bunch of coke, Kev gets in a fight with V and the two storm off. With his wife passed out drunk, Steve tells Fiona he'll leave her if she wants him to. Fiona, now angered by Steve's reckless behavior, turns him down. Afterwards, Jasmine tries to comfort Fiona with a kiss. When her affections aren't returned she, Jasmine blames it on the drugs she took.

Fed up with Jody, Karen throws him out and takes up fooling around with Lip again. After discovering the meth lab that Grammy assembled in the basement with help from Carl, Fiona finds Frank at the bar and the two come up with a plan to get her out of the house. Meanwhile, Lip meets Ian (Cameron Monaghan) for a showdown under the L, after Grammy suggested the two settle their differences with a slugfest. Neither ends up winning the fight and Lip suggests they get a beer.
Fiona and Frank return home to find paramedics at the house after Grammy blacked out. They learn that she's suffering from advanced pancreatic cancer and doesn't have much longer to live. At the bar, Kev runs up to Stan's when the ceiling starts leaking. Kev finds the old man in the tub with water overflowing, only adding to his concerns about Stan's ailing health. Later at home, Kev and V go in search of their adopted rabbit, after it escaped. V breaks down about Ethel and tells Kev they should have a child of their own.

At the Gallagher's, Fiona gets everyone ready for school and Lip tells her he's dropping out. Jasmine drops by to apologize and then tells Fiona that her husband kicked her out and asks if she can stay for a few days. Fiona says "no" and Jasmine tells her off before rushing out of the house. Fiona goes after her only to find Steve outside. He asks why she didn't meet him at the airport and then tells her he loves her. Fiona turns away and goes back inside.

Kev and V secretly drop off Stan and the rabbit at the old folks home where V works. She promises to check on him everyday.


Just about everyone reached their breaking point in "A Bottle of Jean Nate." In some cases, it was to be expected while in others, not so much.

Jasmine's been making moves on Fiona since last season, and while the two may have been BFFs, licking someone's ear is a little bit outside the friend zone. It was only a matter of time before Jasmine's floozy act fell apart. And all it took were a few lines of blow…

Whether or not she has real romantic feelings towards Fiona, Jasmine is a broken woman. Fiona offered her unconditional love. Or rather, there was one condition, but unfortunately, Jasmine couldn't help herself with that one.

But this is "Shameless," where just about everyone's damaged goods. Like Jasmine, Karen was also putting on an act, playing house with Jody. But having sex to "Kissed by a Rose" would push anyone over the edge. The truth is, Jody was pretty good to Karen and that's just not what she's looking for in a man. Lip, on the other hand…

V was also trying to play it cool, while Kev got choked up over Ethel. In the end, it was a runaway rabbit that got her to open up about her love for their foster child. And poor old Stan will finally get the care he needs and we, God willing, won't have to look at his bare ass ever again. On that note, there was way too much "gross old people" humor in this episode.

Unfortunately for Steve, coming clean about his own chicanery did him little good. Fiona doesn't want to hear it. And I'm fine with that. The Steve/Jimmy storyline was one of the weaker threads in "Shameless'" excellent first season and so far, I don't find myself caring much about that relationship, this time around either. Hopefully, we won't have to spend another episode watching Steve try to weasel his way back into Fiona's heart. But I'm all for more of Jody serenading Karen with Air Supply on the Djembe.

Crave Online Ratings: 7 out of 10.