Patton Oswalt Is A ‘Working Class Hero’ At Fox

The actor and comedian is pitching an animated series alongside the co-creator of "American Dad."

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Despite an already crowded Animation Domination lineup on Sunday nights, Fox is always on the lookout for the next breakout animated series. And although "Allen Gregory" died a relatively quick death and "Napoleon Dynamite" is struggling, Fox may have better luck with its next project.

According to Deadline, Patton Oswalt and "American Dad" co-creator and executive producer, Mike Barker have been given an order to produce a presentation for "Working Class Hero." The potential animated series takes place in a world where being a superhero is commonplace and it is also considered to be a low paying government job.

Oswalt will play the main character, a father whose super powers aren't able to compare with those of his co-workers or his "demanding family."

No stranger to animation, Oswalt previously voiced the lead character in "Ratatouille" in addition to guest roles in "Static Shock," "The Batman," "The Venture Bros." "Futurama" and "American Dad." On television, Oswalt has appeared in "Seinfeld," "Lewis Black's Root of All Evil," "Reaper," "NewsRadio" and he was also featured in a long running role on "The King of Queens."

"Working Class Hero" was written by Barker alongside his fellow "American Dad" veterans, Brent Woods and Jordan Blum. It's important to note that "Working Class Hero's" order is not actually a pilot, but if Fox responds well to the presentation than it would likely advance to either a full pilot episode or a short test run on Fox.