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More Jennifer Aniston than you can shake a “stick” at.

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Apparently there’s a new movie in town, cause the video sites have been taken over by the Rudd Aniston combo duo of doom! Also more funny videos, par usual.


Dailymotion  – Jennifer Aniston and J.Theroux milk a goat (link)

So in the most odd goat milking scene ever, we take a sneak peak at Wanderlust, thanks to the boys of at Dailymotion. Oh wait, I get what’s going on here… OMG. Yay Jennifer Aniston is okay with Bestiality! I knew this gorilla suit I bought would finally get it’s day!


Break  – Truck Slams Into Scooter (link)

And as take a break on for the fail of the day, this epic scooter move I like to call front end fakey to truck. I can say that cause I used to skateboard, and it’s funny to mee (and only me).

Hey buddy we forgot to exchange information… buddy? Buddy!?


College Humor – The Special Effects of Wanderlust (link)

Weird, cause I always thought Paul Rudd was animatronics. Boy is my face red. Check out this creative look behind the scenes of Wanderlust,


Dorkly – Red Wastes a Masterball (link)

See this is why we should get rid of kids. Always wasting our master balls on little furry things.


UCB Comedy – Boycotted! (link)

Upright Citizen’s Brigade was, in my mind, inspirational to the new wave of comedy we see flourishing on the internet today. But for some reason the folks over at UCB comedy have decided to start featuring this awful series of short videos called ‘Jim-A-Day Calendar’ there’s one for each day, and the light is terrible, the writing’s not much better and I’m sick of it. So until they stop showing these I will continue to have this personal embargo (and this message) on the funny pages list, in my pants.


Funny Or Die – He-Man Is Sexy And He Knows It (link)

Singing He-Man is back, sexy and he knows it. Totally worth adding to the LMFAO top 5 parodies as an honorable mention.


That’s what’s funny on the world of the web today.

Now go forth and slay your own skeletor.

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