Brian Michael Bendis Taking Over X-Titles?

We knew he was leaving the Avengers after AvX... but is he actually switching sides?

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker


Oh dear.

The announcement that Brian Michael Bendis was leaving Avengers and New Avengers and thus releasing his stranglehold on the titles he's maintained for about a decade was a boon for some alienated fans, but it left the big question about what he was going to do next.  According to Bleeding Cool, he's switching sides and planning to take over the X-books.

Does that mean he's storming in to kick everyone else off the titles that they've just relaunched with their new direction post-Schism?  Is the Kieron Gillen/Jason Aaron era done once Avengers vs. X-Men wraps up, because apparently Bendis can't just write an X-book, he has to "TAKE OVER" the X-books?  Any reason for Marvel to put out a new set of #1 issues, one guesses.

It's all conjecture at the moment, but we all remember Bendis' first big foray into the X-Men realm, with the frustratingly empty House of M event book, which kicked off the entire decade of constant event books. Will it be more of the same?  Since one of the knocks on him is that all of his characters sound the same, it's a safe bet.

Then again, he is a very popular writer with a lot of fans and consistent sales on his titles, so grousy old jerks like me may be overstating the dread this news brings to the masses.  What say all o' y'all?  Excitement or concern?  Sound off and give us what-for.