Funny Pages – Doesn’t Cover the Oscars

Today… nothing about little gold statues.

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

For some reason the academy awards are not even remotely on the radar of the viral hits makers front pages. No idea what that’s about, or not about I suppose… but here’s some videos!


Dailymotion  – Tonight is the Night (link)

How about a little Keenan Cahill, cause he’s short… joke over! Video beings… and you’ll wish it was over soon.


Break  – This Chick Doesn't Need Help With Clay Pigeons (link)

Yay chicks with guns on todays break, finally some win!



Atom Films – Small Business: Episode 1 (link)

If you learn anything from this videos, it’s the difference between a doodler and a seller. And also how to play the dominance game in a client meeting, when you’re dealing with 6 year olds. That’s actually pretty important.



College Humor – Lesbian Mountain (link)

Cowboys are so understanding!



“You say you’re going fishing, but the tags still on the pole.” The tag is still on the pole!… words to live by folks.


Dorkly – Limbo with a Flashlight (link)

If you’re unfamiliar with this epic stylized game… then… go get it. It’s much scarier without the flashlight app.


UCB Comedy – Boycotted! (link)

Upright Citizen’s Brigade was, in my mind, inspirational to the new wave of comedy we see flourishing on the internet today. But for some reason the folks over at UCB comedy have decided to start featuring this awful series of short videos called ‘Jim-A-Day Calendar’ there’s one for each day, and the light is terrible, the writing’s not much better and I’m sick of it. So until they stop showing these I will continue to have this personal embargo (and this message) on the funny pages list, in my pants.


Funny Or Die – Ladies Remember Whitney Houston (link)

In the passing of pop icon, a bunch of chicks you don’t really know, but kind of look familiar say things. Assuming they’re being funny.. some how. Don’t quit your day job Funny or Die. I do like Eric Gibson though, she’s cool. UCB represent! (just not ucb


Just fast-forward to 4:35 that’s all that needs to be seen.


They Cancelled the wrong Whitney!

That’s what’s funny on the world of the web today.

Now go forth and get your little gold statue.


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Here’s some bonus fun just for you Swede lovers: