PSA: Get MotorStorm RC Free on PS Vita Today

The key word here is free! What do you have to lose?

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


If you're a PlayStation Vita owner in need of a new game, I come bearing good news: North American gamers will be able to snag the newly released MotorStorm RC for PS Vita for free today over the PlayStation Network. The game will also see a simultaneous PS3 release, but that version will cost you $9.99 over the PSN. 

We can thank the folks at Scion for sponsoring the cross-platform release of MotorStorm RC, reports the PlayStation Blog; they're the ones making sure we get the PS Vita version of the title for free. However, the game won't be a free download forever, so make sure you hit up the PS Store on your Vita as soon as possible to lock down your copy.

MotorStorm RC released two weeks ago in Europe to solid critical reviews. The game hits North America today, adding another title to the list of games that encourage cross-platform play between the Vita and PS3 versions. If you're not sure what MotorStorm RC is exactly, it's essentially a top-down RC racer with some solid online integration to make racing your friends over Wi-Fi a quick and painless process.

Here, enjoy this video highlighting the online component of the game. MotorStorm RC will hit the PS Store this afternoon (PST), so be sure to keep your eyes open to snag your free copy.