‘Bounty Gate’ Getting Overblown

The latest sport scandal shouldn't come as a shock to anyone.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Let me start by saying that neither condone or endorse the purposeful injuring of any player in any sport. To purposefully go out with the intent to injure someone is both disgusting and irreprehensible and anyone doing so should be tossed from the game for life without a moments hesitation. That being said, don't you think this whole New Orleans Saints bounty story is getting just a little bit out of hand?

Look, I get that it shouldn't have a place in the league but I also get that it HAS been in place, by numerous teams, probably since the beginning of the NFL. To think that this is just a recent event is a serious insult to the cognitive abilities of the every day working stiff like myself. No, this has been going on for decades and it's just that some disgruntled player or coach associated with the Saints organization decided to whistleblow to enact some sort of personal vendetta.

A bounty system isn't an active cause of injuries in the NFL, it's just a way that players motivate themselves. It's a locker room game that, yes, nets players some cash for injuries to the opposite team. Injuries, I might add, that are a natural part of the game and are no way controllable. This whole bounty system, while reprehensible in the public eye, is much akin to fantasy football, just involving potential injuries.

No, the NFL is a brotherhood, much like the police or the firefighters, and I just can't believe that the vast majority of players would intentionally go out there with the purpose of injuring another player. Embarrassing them, yes. Putt them on their but, hell yeah! But intentional injury, no, that strikes to close to home for any player to go out there and do.

Listen, the Saints are going to get massacred in the public eye and by the NFL. They are going to lose draft picks, get suspensions and amass a huge fine. But, don't for one second, think this is going to happen because of the Saints using the bounty system. No, this is going to happen because they allowed it to become a public spectacle and put a black mark upon the league.

Like the Patriots and 'Spygate' before them, the Saints are going to be kicked in the junk for putting the most popular brand in the world under a negative light, not for the action itself. To think that the NFL has been unaware of teams and players using the bounty system is a joke.

They knew, the NFL just realized, like myself, that it's just another type of game for the players. One with potentially dangerous outcomes, sure, in theory, but in reality this is very close to much to do about nothing.