Thorpe Says Olympic Comeback Will End In Failure

Ian Thorpe isn't confident about his attempt to return to Olympic level.

Robert Whiteby Robert White

Australian swimming legend Ian Thorpe is surprisingly pessimistic about his attempt to return to elite level competition and told the Ten Network that his chances aren’t great.

Thorpe is attempting to qualify for this year’s London Olympics and will swim next week at the Australian Swimming Championships in Adelaide.

"The most realistic outcome of this is that I will most likely fail," Thorpe said.

"I wish I had another six months to do this. I wish I had more time to do it. "

"I have to be swimming well. I have to be swimming fast as well in both of my races, " he said referring to the 100m and 200m events he will participate in.

While he is far from the Australian Kenny Powers, the 29-year-old doesn’t appear too confident in his abilities or his chances of making the squad. He flunked out of the Victorian state swimming champions in January where he finished seventh in his heat and missed the ten-man final event, but has since been training in Perth with local mentor Bernie Mulroy and national coach Leigh Nugent.

Appearing in just two Olympic Games, Thorpe collected five gold medals whilst smashing a ton of records and winning 11 world titles. He will need to finish in the competition’s top-six to make the London bound squad.

Regardless of his showing at the competition beginning next Thursday, Thorpe plans to swim on at least for another year or two.