Watch The ‘Community’ Animated Web Series

Now updated with part three of the animated web series, as Chang closes in on Britta's abuse of power!

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Update 03/09/2012:

The second and third episodes of the "Community" animated web series has been added to the bottom of the post!


To all of the Greendale Human Beings out there in TV Land:

For too long we have lived in the darkest of all possible timelines without our beloved "Community" on Thursday nights at 8pm… where it belongs! On Thursday, March 15; "Community" will return to NBC with all new episodes, starting off with a very significant installment for Shirley.

But before we get back to the main series, the cast of "Community" has lent their voices to a new "Community" animated web series called "Abed's Master Key." In the first part of the storyline, Dean Pelton appoints Abed as his new "Depu-Dean" and grants him a special key that grants him access to anywhere on the Greendale campus. Also, the entire group shares the delusion of being animated for the first time since the 2010 Christmas episode.


In part 2, Abed dutifully begins dolling out extreme favors for his friends. But can he resist the temptations of the ring… I mean, key?!



And finally, in part 3, Britta "Brittas" the power of the master key and Abed is reunited with an old friend. Also, the Dean cries!


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