Top 3 First Date Mistakes We Make

First dates are awkward. Here are the main reasons why.

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro

First dates are uncomfortable. Unless you’re meeting up with a girl whom you’ve known for quite some time and are only just now deciding to “see what happens”, chances are that the fine female you’ll be spending the next few hours with is a stranger who has agreed to share her time with you in the hope that you’re not a complete ass-hat. This puts a burden on your shoulders, as you’ll now have to:

A) Ensure that your date is a worthwhile use of her time, and

B) Prove that you’re not a complete ass-hat.

Typically, the pressure bestowed upon is leads us to make a few common mistakes. Here are the top 3:


3: Let’s go to the movies!

Granted, thinking up an enjoyable activity for both you and your date to engage in is difficult, but why must the middle ground always be sitting in silence whilst watching Hugh Grant stutter his way through conversation with beautiful women? Whoever decided that sitting in awkward silence for 180 minutes watching fictional characters attempt to wriggle their way into each other’s pants was a good destination for a first date was clearly missing the point of a first date, which is to actually talk to the person you’re spending it with.

However, if you still desperately insist upon spending your date in silence, then may I suggest you take her to the Library instead? It’s cheaper and there’s less Hugh Grant. Everybody’s a winner.


2: Know your audience

There’s a thin line between sexy and sex offender, and after that joke you made about the size of your penis you are stumbling all over it. While remaining distant and failing to give her any positive attention will more than likely ensure that you don’t get a second date with her, forcing innuendos and double-entendres into the conversation will have the same effect, as will routinely mistaking her areolas for her pupils. Keep eye-contact and let her know that you’re attracted to her; this doesn’t mean walking behind her when walking up stairs and shouting “PHWOOOOOAR!”


1: Don’t overdress

Most men look their best when wearing a suit, but this doesn’t mean that you should always wear a suit. If your date turns up and you’re standing outside a restaurant looking like you’ve just been dumped at the aisle then chances are she’ll turn right around and leave you standing there, alone, looking less Double-Oh-Seven and more Double-OH FOR GOD’S SAKES, WHY WON’T ANYBODY SLEEP WITH ME?!

Avoid wearing a tie at all costs and instead opt for something more casual, as this will insinuate that you are so experienced in the art of dating that you needn’t put in a strenuous amount of physical effort in order to attract her.

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