Historectomy 27 Lasers, Beer, and Burnouts: Elliot Ness

The amazing life of history's biggest party pooper and Untouchable leader, Elliot Ness!

Sam Wellerby Sam Weller

Elliot Ness was a man who loved booze, but fought against it. Went from working the highest profile criminal case to managing a paper company, and failed to keep a marriage, catch a killer, and stick Al Capone. But why would you be interested? Listen on!



Also in this episode: Elliot Ness was a former frat boy, Sam feels pretty “Bedazzeled” this episode, Brother in Law: Law Enforcement is a great sit com title, Bureau of Agriculture vs Bureau of Prohibition, Ness takes it to Capone with his team of Untouchables; men in iron suits destroying casks of booze with lasers, the reality of fighting Prohibition, Christian talks about getting pulled over for not having a good time, Christian modifies his story to be a lot sexier, Ness shows balls by airing his bribes in public, Elliot Nets was a star basketball player, from fighting Capone to letting a serial torso dismember-er get away, how do most marriages end?, and Christian shows us 'the Chicago Way'!