Manchester United Are Back On Top

But Manchester City boss says he will fight United "to the end".

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro

Manchester United have overtaken rivals Manchester City in the Premier League table following a 2-0 victory against West Bromwich Albion, with Wayne Rooney scoring both goals and improving upon his impressive streak, having now scored nine goals in just six games.

This win has put them one point ahead of City, who are trailing behind thanks to a surprising 1-0 defeat against Swansea, with them now four for four in home losses, making United favourites to win the title. Speaking of United’s standing at the top of the league, boss Sir Alex Ferguson said: "I'm happy to be there because only a few weeks ago we were seven points behind.Now we are one point ahead so we have turned around eight points.

"Credit to the players and the resilience of the squad because everyone knows we have had a lot of injuries.

"At this time of the season, points will be dropped and you have to make sure you just don't drop as many as your opponents."

The manager praised Rooney’s performance and also set a target for the striker to reach, saying: "If Wayne gets to 40 goals I will be absolutely delighted because we will be in business then. He is on a hot streak which is what he does."

Rooney made a great run through West Brom’s defence in the 37th minute in order to take advantage of Hernandez’s blocked shot to make it 1-0. He raised the score to 2-0 following a penalty in the 71st minute.

Manchester City will host United in a derby game on April 30th, a match which City boss Roberto Mancini will be the deciding factor in who wins the title at the end of the season. Speaking after his squad’s defeat to Swansea, he said: "Today was not critical. I think this championship will be decided with three games to go.We should fight against them until the end.”

"We have another 10 games to finish this championship.The season is long and every week the situation could change.

"Now it is important we are very comfortable together. It is better to stay at the top but, now we are behind, it doesn't change our target. I'm still confident about winning the Premier League. We were top for months but it just so happens that we are second with 10 games to play. It is important that we are there around the top.

"We know United have gone top, like we were, but now we should be more strong and it is a test for our players. It has been a difficult last four days for me but football is like this.

"The season is long and what happened today can happen also to United."

Both teams were recently dealt blows to their confidence following defeats in the Europa League, with Manchester United coming unstuck against Sporting Lisbon and United putting in a poor display against Athletic Bilbao, who they will meet again on Thursday evening.

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