Will Warner Bros. Rebuild Ron Howard’s ‘Dark Tower?’

Eight months after Universal toppled his ambitious adaptation of Stephen King's unfilmable series, Warner Bros. expresses interest.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani


Last summer, Ron Howard's wildly ambitious adaptation of Stephen King's The Dark Tower series, written by The Da Vinci Code's Akiva Goldsman and starring Javier Bardem as Roland the Gunslinger, died. Pretty badly, too. Universal Pictures balked at the franchise, which would have turned King's acclaimed seven book series into a trilogy of feature films, connected by two seasons of a television series and cost them a pretty penny in the process. After The Dark Tower finally fell, we'd heard that Warner Bros. – which is looking for a new tentpole franchise now that Harry Potter has come and gone – might be interested in taking over the material. Eight months later, we find out they weren't kidding.

Warner Bros. is currently in talks to take the reins on The Dark Tower, with Ron Howard and frequently-chastised screenwriter Akiva Goldsman surviving the changeover, although Deadline reports that Warner Brs. has asked for Goldsman to polish the existing script. Javier Bardem's involvement seems less certain, but still a distinct possibility. All signs point to an early 2013 start date if development goes smoothly, although Warner Bros. may only wish to commit to the first film at this point.

You know, it's easy to be blinded by the sheer audacity of the project, and the fanboy enthusiasm for finally bringing one of King's most beloved works to the screen. But it may be time to revisit the question: are Ron Howard and Akiva Goldsman, not to mention Javier Bardem, really the right people for the job? If you've read the novels we'd love to hear your input below.

CraveOnline will be back with more Dark Tower news after we draw the three.