Meet BioShock Infinite’s ‘Handyman’

"Hey babe, I'm your handy man."

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


Irrational Games has released a new video in their "Heavy Hitters" video documentary series, following hot on the heels of the George Washington-inspired "Motorized Patriot" from last week. This week's video focuses on "The Handyman," a tragic, brutish figure with the body of a machine, the soul of a man, and the hands of a toy gorilla. 

According to Irrational, they went through a number of design phases with the Handyman before settling on the look you see in the below video. I'll be honest, I kind of dug the early circus strongman look, but I also trust Irrational's judgment when choosing the final design they did. Either way, the release of BioShock Infinite can't come soon enough. You agree?

Enjoy the video!