Chuck Norris vs. 6 Video Games

Chuck Norris is like Game Genie, but times a billion.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

It’s not that Chuck Norris is good at video games. That would be like saying people are good at breathing air. For Chuck Norris, it’s all in the reflexes – those deadly, frightening remixes. Here’s internet legend Chuck Norris taking on 6 popular video games, bringing them all to their knees. I love the Power Chuck… he’s so bad.


Chuck Norris vs. Pac-Man

Soon after, Chuck Norris had sex with Ms. Pac-Man… while Pac-Man watched!


Chuck Norris vs. Mario Bros.

Chuck Norris is a power-up.


Chuck Norris vs. Street Fighter

Plus, Chuck Norris is smart enough to stay out of the Street Fighter movies.


Chuck Norris vs. Sonic the Hedgehog

Chuck Norris doesn’t need to collect gold rings. He shits gold rings. It’s gross, but very useful in the Sonic universe.


Chuck Norris vs. Angry Birds

Chuck Norris kills pigs like a one-man slaughterhouse. That’s because he is a federally-licensed one-man slaughterhouse.


Chuck Norris vs. World of Warcraft

Thanks for allowing us to live, Chuck!


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